Wrestling fans have been seeing John Cena perform in WWE for a long time now. Even being an actor and having such a busy schedule, the wrestler in him maintained a streak of performing at least once a year for the promotion.

It is not only noticeable to fans but to other renowned wrestlers as well. One recent validation came from the former WWE star, Matt Hardy, where he spoke about Cena’s home, the WWE. 


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The 14-time world tag team champion had a great run in WWE and has performed in the roster for a good span of time. One strength of the 48-year-old wrestler was his technique of being relevant for decades.

To do so, he came up with a “Broken” gimmick that attracted a lot of eyes and praise. However, currently, the wrestler is signed with AEW but still cherishes his time on WWE. 

Former WWE wrestler spoke about Cena’s love for WWE

Hardy also runs his own podcast channel named The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. In one recent episode of it, he recalled the memories of the 16-time world champion with him.

Upon which he commented about the love that The Cenation Leader carries for WWE. Further, he stated that Cena is a proud WWE wrestler and that he will always come back to his home, in spite of whatever he does.

As the member of Hardy Boyz said, “I couldn’t see him going anywhere else because that was his home. He takes a lot of pride in still coming back and doing WWE stuff, even though he’s like this, you know, amazing actor who’s doing all these great projects all around the world.

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In brief, the AEW star never sees a time in the future when the 45-year-old wrestler doesn’t perform or leaves the company.

Matt Hardy manifesting to perform with John Cena

It is not the first time when Hardy talked about The Face of the WWE with all awe. If one follows his statements for a long time, then one would know of his admiration for Cena. Speaking on his podcast, he also talked about the five-time WWE United States Champion loving his “Broken” gimmick.


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As Matt recalled, “That was one of the first things — he was so happy whenever I showed back up. He’s like, ‘Oh my God! I hope you get to do ‘Broken’ Matt here. I love that.’

 In addition to it, he also manifested for the day when he could perform the same with Cena. An opportunity like this would mean a lot to the wrestler. 


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Isn’t it always beautiful to see one wrestler admire or root for the other one? That’s the beauty of a tough sport like this, even being the resilient wrestlers, they do not forget to be humans first.

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