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AEW Superstar Jon Moxley Opens up on Retirement from Wrestling

AEW Superstar Jon Moxley Opens up on Retirement from Wrestling

Jon Moxley continues to be a crucial member of the wrestling industry. Whether as Dean Ambrose in WWE or as Moxley in AEW, his performance has been nothing short of incredible.

However, no matter how popular a pro-wrestler is, there comes a time when they battle the thought of retirement. While it may not be ideal news for the audience, it is something inevitable.

During a recent interview, Jon Moxley revealed his thoughts on retirement and how he predicts his future.

According to him, he will continue wrestling till his fifties. He knows that when the time comes, he will need to hang the boots. However, for now, he wants to continue building All Elite Wrestling alongside Tony Kahn and the rest of the members at the company.

“I’d like to wrestle till I’m in my 50’s, hopefully. Whatever that means? I don’t know. AEW in the United States, will definitely always be my home, I think. It’s just done so much for me and I’ve done everything I could to help build the brand and solidify it as a legit alternative and it’s vital to the wrestling industry that AEW be successful. I don’t see that changing ever. I have loyalty to the people who treat me well and they have treated me extremely well.”

Jon Moxley wants AEW to grow further

Jon Moxley has played an important role in establishing AEW into a globally competitive professional wrestling brand. He has worked relentlessly to ensure that the company reaches the heights it is capable of. In fact, he affirms that Tony Kahn is one of the best promoters in the industry apart from Vince McMahon.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 04: Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho visit Build Studio on October 04, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

“Yeah, it’s definitely. I’ve become great friends with Tony Kahn, who is a great dude and the most successful promoter outside of Vince in how many years. We’ve been able to create something as a team and to get through the challenge of this pandemic. I’m incredibly proud of everybody (in AEW).”

Jon Moxley recently made his Bloodsport debut, where he took on Chris Dickinson. The CZW veteran showed that he can still unleash his raw hardcore side if needed.

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