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After Bald Spot Comment, Austin Theory Fires Another Shot at John Cena’s Looks Based on the Latter’s Upcoming Hollywood Project

Published 03/21/2023, 2:49 PM EDT

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Among the several storylines going around in WWE currently, one of them involves an obsessive WWE star. There’s no denial in the fact that Austin Theory is always passing a remark on John Cena. Be it challenging him for the WrestleMania match or brutally trolling him for his bald spot. He has done it all. Even though Cena has given back a classic reply, he still did the same again.

After the uncountable trash talks that he initiated, Theory has again taken a massive dig at The Face of the WWE. This time, he has targeted the latter’s look from his upcoming Hollywood Project. It started with a comment that Cena made about the 25-year-old and, while recalling it, Theory explained why his ‘hero’ needs to say all this. 

The WWE United States Champion again trolls John Cena


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Speaking on WWE After The Bell, similar to all of his other appearances, the two-time WWE United States Champion had a lot to speak about his role model turned competitor. During the conversation, he highlighted one of The Champ’s negative remarks about him. 


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He mentioned when Cena said, ‘people don’t believe in me’ and then clarified that he never needed anybody to believe in him. However, he continued to throw some light on why The Cenation Leader is speaking such mean things about him.


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He said, “John Cena needs to say everything he can because he’s going to go back to Hollywood until WrestleMania, put his skirt and heels on. So, that’s why he has to say those mean things.

One who has seen the pictures of Cena from the sets of Ricky Stanicky would exactly know what Theory is talking about. He again trolled the 16-time world champion for his looks as he is being seen wearing a miniskirt, heels, and make-up to portray his character in his upcoming Hollywood project. However, this is a part of his job and doesn’t seem to be an appropriate thing to make fun of. 

In the podcast, he also reflected on why people don’t accept him as a champion after several years of performing in the promotion.

Austin Theory speaks on why people don’t think of him as ‘great’


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When Corey Graves asked him about his opinion on why people don’t accept him for what he says he is, Theory responded with a candid answer. He pointed out that his young age has become an obstruction because of which people don’t recognize him as ‘great’. 

The champion of the 2022 Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match then emphasizes the stigma that people have about life where they think that a young guy cannot be a ‘legend’. Along with saying this, he mentions that he totally disagrees with it as he has worked every single day to achieve what he has today.


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