After Repeated Denials, Rhea Ripley Finally Reveals the Leader of the Judgment Day

Published Oct 28, 2023 | 8:00 AM EDT

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Rhea Ripley and The Judgement Day have been a dominant fixture in WWE for a while now. With the Stamford-based company continuing to chalk the drama revolving around the heel faction on the weekly shows, the members and their affairs keep on coming more to the fans’ scrutiny. That said, the very basics like the name of the group leader were still unknown to many until Mami clarified it in her recent tweet.

There has been a wide discussion on The Judgement Day’s headship ever since Edge was ousted from the group. Although it was Finn Balor who took over Edge’s role, in recent months, Ripley has risen more and more to the ringleader spot. However, the real leader is someone else that you might not even think of.

Rhea Ripley brought the Judgement Day leader to the fore


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Rhea Ripley joined forces with The Judgment Day alongside Finn Balor and Damian Priest last year. Dominik Mysterio followed suit after some time. Since then, Mami has been the protector of her boys in the face of any disputes inside and outside of the faction.

While her heroics led to the rumors of her being the leader of the faction, Ripley denied it, saying she’s not the leader, but she manages to get things going the way she wants. Now, months later, The Eradicator finally spilled the beans via a tweet.


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She wrote, ”The Llama is the leader. We follow the Dirty Llama.” in response to a tweet from the FOXsports official page asking who’s The Judgement Day leader.

However, Priest and Mysterio had some different sayings regarding the leadership earlier.

Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest weighed in on the unconventional leadership hierarchy of the faction

Previously, when the Archer of Infamy was asked about his idea of the faction’s head honcho, he had given a quite strategic yet thoughtful answer. The 41-year-old noted they all are leaders. When somebody got distracted, others stepped in. He also mentioned that in recent times, Ripley was consuming more of it, as the boys were in some distress.

Making an appearance on The Bump, he said, “She is a leader, and I think Finn Balor’s a leader. I’m a leader. I think we all share in that leadership role, and right now, she’s just taking more of it because we obviously at times don’t act like ourselves. In this instance, she was there to lead me the right way. When she wasn’t around, I kind of took the reigns of leading the guys in a certain way. And you know other times, when Rhea was distracted and I was distracted, Finn Balor stepped in. That’s the beauty about what we got going on.”


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Later, Mysterio echoed the same sentiment, adding Ripley’s innovative ideas and execution power led her to the top position in the faction.

Little did they disclose that a tiny four-legged pal has been ruling them over in real.

Now, we need to see how WWE pans out the Judgement Day saga in the future.


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What’s your take on Rhea Ripley disclosing the real leader of the Judgement Day after a lot of denial? Let us know in the comments.

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