The main storyline for this WrestleMania surrounds Roman Reigns and The Bloodline against Cody Rhodes. With Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson thrown in for good measure, the hype for this match is at an all-time fever pitch. Most of the WWE Universe wants to see Rhodes dethrone Reigns after a record-setting 1,000+ days as the WWE Universal Champion. However, the other half wants The Tribal Chief to continue his reign. Now, Paul Heyman has come forth with some really interesting thoughts on the outcome of the marquee match.

While Paul’s recent interview has been insightful, it got fans up in arms regarding the future of The Bloodline. Here is everything you need to know.

Paul Heyman claims there is more to The Bloodline story, hinting at Roman Reigns winning


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Before The Rock entered The Bloodline’s picture, the Wise Man, Paul Heyman, was in charge of all the talking. Even now, when Johnson is away, Heyman’s words do play a pivotal part. Talking to Rich Eisen, the Hall of Fame inductee discussed the future of The Bloodline and Reigns post-WrestleMania XL. While not giving too much away, the WWE manager said, “Whatever inning that we’re in, we’re dominating that inning, and it’s a game that I would suggest may go into many extra innings as well.”

Heyman used baseball analogies as he so often does to explain The Bloodline’s current story arc. While fans believe the story will end at Mania with Rhodes winning, Heyman has a different idea. While it was not mentioned who would be walking away with the WWE Universal Title, Heyman did clarify one thing: the storyline will not be over.

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The Wise Man added, “We have to give credit to the final boss, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, for adding a whole new set of layers and therefore innings to the story of The Bloodline.” This could hint that regardless of who wins, The Rock and Reigns could engage in a future power struggle. However, despite the ambitious nature of this interview, fans did not seem content about the continuation of the storyline.

Fans seem to be tired of The Bloodline storyline with or without Roman Reigns as Champion

Upon hearing Heyman’s words, fans were quick to take to social media to talk about the possibility of continuing The Bloodline’s storyline. While the reception was mixed to negative, most fans didn’t want to see The Bloodline arc continue. Here are the top reactions.

Fans seem to be done with The Bloodline’s story, as it only progressed after The Rock returned. The WWE Universe is ready for The Bloodline to be over.

Many fans were not happy with Reigns as the WWE Universal Champion. This was due to his lack of title defenses.

Some fans are surprised due to the nature of the baseball analogy as they aren’t sure which innings they are in. The storyline has been ongoing for over 1,000+ days.


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And few saw how the storyline could progress. Even if Reigns loses, he will still have to face The Rock.


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Nevertheless, despite the future Hall of Famer’s enthusiasm for progressing the Bloodline storyline with intriguing twists, fans do not appear to be on the same page. What do you think? Should The Bloodline storyline continue? Should Reigns retain the title? Tell us in the comments.

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