Who is Next For Undertaker If He Comes Out of Retirement For One Last Ride

Published 06/23/2020, 9:40 PM EDT

The Undertaker announced on the final episode of ‘The Last Ride’ that he will not appear for a match to end his career. He said that his days in the ring were done.


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The emotional moment melted the hearts of millions of fans worldwide as “The Deadman” finally said goodbye. However, in case he does not want to rest in peace and returns for a final match at Wrestlemania, these are some of the opponents that he could end his career with.

1. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt


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The Fiend has not been seen for a while now, and everyone is awaiting his return. After decisively losing the feud against Braun Strowman at Money In the Bank, Bray Wyatt is nowhere to be seen.

With the hype of his character ‘The Fiend’ returning growing day by day, we can only expect it to be plucked by WWE to face “The Deadman”.

While he is supposed to return to reignite his feud against Braun Strowman, WWE could switch the tracks here and make him fight a showdown with Taker.

This could lay the groundwork for Wyatt becoming the new face of the darkness in WWE, essentially The Undertaker’s successor. It would also be the kind of ending that people may need- the continuation of The Undertaker’s legacy.

2. Randy Orton

Hot off his win against Edge in the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”, Randy Orton is being hailed by WWE as the greatest wrestler of all time.

This sparked a huge debate on Instagram and Twitter. Randy Orton is now looking better than ever and may be the perfect opponent that The Undertaker could end his massive career on.

Even though the two have faced off in a memorable match before, no one would object to this match being the final one of The Undertaker.

One of the few men on the main roster who can match the caliber of “The Phenom”, Randy Orton has brought back his “Legend Killer” gimmick that he made popular in the 2000s. What better legend to kill than WWE’s greatest?


This match is a fan favorite and has been widely discussed as a ‘what if?’ The Undertaker has never faced off against Sting and that’s what fans cannot get over.

Over the years, WWE has had no window of opportunity to set up these two for a match. If there was one fight that should have happened no matter what, it would be this one.

The first and only chance to put “The Icon” against “The Deadman” was during Sting’s major debut in WWE in 2014. Returning at Survivor Series, Sting had finally entered a WWE ring after all those years.

Sparking a feud against Triple H, Sting seemed good to go for another three years at least. However, it became clear after losing to Triple H at Wrestlemania 31 that Sting was a one-time storyline.

Fans think that the only one with enough depth and experience worthy of facing The Undertaker is Sting. This match is truly the one that got away and everyone wants to see it happen.

4.Seth Rollins

Although preoccupied with Rey Mysterio and his son, Rollins is turning out to be a new Attitude Era, Chris Jericho. His big words may get him in trouble with The Undertaker himself.

Seth Rollins has been pushed to replace Roman Reigns as the new face of WWE. His character is perfect for the role of an overconfident but capable challenger.

He may just add the punch to the storyline that we need. That being said, fighting Taker would mean a huge push to any career. This push may be just what Rollins needs.

WWE did the same with Reigns years ago, maybe they can get it right this time. The Undertaker can also end on a high, and go out a legend.

5.AJ Styles

“The Phenomenal One” probably has the honor of saying that he was The Undertaker’s last opponent. However, after eating dust at the Boneyard Match, AJ Styles will surely be looking for redemption.


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Styles could bring the feud to a final decisive showdown at Wrestlemania. The cinematic match was great and very well done, but it just wasn’t the same without the fans.

Bringing back the old biker gimmick, The Undertaker looked a lot younger and fresher. Fans argued that he could continue that way for at least a couple more years.


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This match could be the closure The Undertaker and fans want for a long and illustrious career. “The Deadman” can end on this high with all the fans there to watch him. We could also use another epic Wrestlemania entrance.

The biggest question is, will The Undertaker take up the call if he gets it? While he may have rested his boots, there may be a corner of his mind that wants to rise up again, that’s telling him he has one more match in him. If the fight pleases him, we’re sure that he will come for a final showdown.



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