The Undertaker and Mick Foley turned back the clock with a look at their historic Hell in a Cell match in 1998. The match, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, featured some unpredictable complications that ensured the WWE superstars their place in Attitude Era and the company’s folklore. Foley’s persistence and The Undertaker’s relentlessness in the cage have captured the minds of WWE fans for years since.

The two former WWE champions revealed what was going through their heads when they entered the cage to put on a show that would set the standard for all Hell in a Cell matches that would follow. 

Mick Foley realized he might not survive the fall


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When The Undertaker’s gong rang and the lights went out, Mick Foley, whom The Undertaker testified to being someone who rarely uses profanity, remembers cursing to himself: “But I cursed in my thoughts. And that…all that was going through my mind…what the bleep am I doing here how the bleep am I going to get out of here?”.

Mankind (Foley’s persona) crashing into the announcer’s table with a towering Undertaker looking down at him from the top of the cage would become an unforgettable scene.

The Undertaker remembers waiting for Mick Foley to move after the fall, hoping that the latter was alright. ‘The Phenom’ told Foley that throwing him off the cage was a surreal experience. He said: “I had the closest thing that I can recall to an out-of-body experience. when I threw you off I could actually see you flying through the air and I could see myself standing there”.

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The legend would be concerned for Foley throughout the night but kept pushing the boundaries at the latter’s insistence.

Mick Foley broke the roof more than once during his career

When he sat down with The Undertaker for the 25th anniversary of the 1998 match, Mick Foley remembered thinking to himself: “I knew I could climb down. I did not know I could climb down without completely destroying my career”. Funnily enough, Foley would never climb down that night. He would fall off the cage, climb up again, and then get choke slammed through the roof of the cage. The cage breaking and Foley landing with a thud in the ring was an unexpected addition to the match.


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In 2000, Triple H would do the same to Mick Foley, who entered the cage as one of his other personas – Cactus Jack. In the Hell in a Cell match, Triple H would foil Cactus Jack’s plan to piledrive him and surprise the latter with a backdrop through the roof of the cage. The camera would cut to Foley lying on the dented canvas of the ring.

Foley provided the fans with entertainment at the cost of his own well-being and his iconic match against The Undertaker is cherished for its astounding violence and became the standard for Hell in a Cell matches in WWE.


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