NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch took on former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton at No Mercy in an Extreme Rules match as the penultimate match of the night. The two superstars battled it out for the ultimate prize as they decided to pay tribute to WWE Legend Mick Foley

Lynch later took to social media to post about the aftermath of the match. But it was a comment from the team of a popular show on AMC that made fans think otherwise regarding the match. 

Becky Lynch receives appreciation from AMC show after her hardcore match


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Lynch posted a few pictures of the aftermath of her match on her Instagram account on October 1. Becky Lynch was proud of her performance from the match and shared her bruises from the match with her fans.

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The caption of her post read: Becky NbeXT was rocking tonight. The Man brought @tiffanywwe to the main event but she brought it to The Man. Respect. It wasn’t Tiffy time this time. But it will be again. The world tour continues. Stitches and all – last slide is my arm 🤢. Shout out to @iamhuntley for drawing this shirt. @kingtroi for being a legend. #NoMercy


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The Man renamed NXT as NBext after she rocked the crowd with her brawling match. She appreciated Tiffany Stratton for her performance and for bringing the fight to her. Though Tiffany lost her rematch, Lynch seems to confirm that there will be more matches. The last slide showed Lynch’s wickedly cruised arm.

On one hand, Lynch appreciated Tiffany Stratton, but she also received appreciation from the team of AMC’s The Walking Dead through their comment. They commented, “That’s a nice-looking bat”.

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It was a reference to the barbed wire baseball bat Lynch used as a weapon during the match. The Walking Dead series has a character named Negan who uses a similar bat named Lucille.


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Becky Lynch fights it out against Stratton in Hardcore style

Some have referenced Lynch’s match with Stratton to Mick Foley. Foley would often put himself through no DQ hardcore matches to entertain fans. Both wrestlers paid tribute to Mick Foley through their Extreme Rules match.

In the end, The Man managed to capture the win after delivering a vicious Man-Handle Slam to Stratton on a pile of chairs. It was the perfect way to end a match that had a touch of Foley in its nature.


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What do you think about Lynch’s recent hardcore match?

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