The Elimination Chamber PLE just concluded on February 24th, and now the WWE universe can turn its attention to WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. Yesterday’s event occurred in Perth, Australia, drawing over 50,000 spectators. A notable segment during the event featured Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, who made appearances despite not being scheduled for a match. They joined Grayson Waller, who hosted “The Grayson Waller Show.”

During that segment, Rhodes called out Dwayne Johnson for a singles match before WrestleMania 40 hits. He stated, “I am wrestling Roman Reigns in the main event but until then I am wide open. So let’s make it official. Rock I want to wrestle you one on one anytime anyplace.”  Now it seems like Dwayne Johnson has taken up his social media to express his current mindset after the challenge.


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The Rock took to his Instagram and posted a video captioning, “Greatness 👑.” We can see him walking through a corridor looking all excited and chirpy. The event went on to include the “I-95 A**hole Tonight” song by August Campbell. The lyrics clearly say, “Were you born an a****le, or did you work at it your whole life? Either way, it worked out fine, ’cause you’re an a****le tonight.” Seems like The Rock was not fazed by the intense call out by Rhodes.

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