“He Helped Me A Lot”- WWE United States Champion On Paul Heyman’s Departure From RAW

July 18, 2020 1:30 am

In a recent interview with Newsweek, WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews talked about  Paul Heyman’s influence on him and his role in the big push he got in his career.

Paul Heyman is the former Executive Director of RAW. He was replaced in this role by Bruce Prichard over a month ago. This was due to the drastic drop in RAW viewership ratings that were raising concern.

Heyman was also one of the sole figures that decided to give Apollo Crews the push to gain the United States Championship. When asked if Heyman’s departure would affect his backstage relations, Crews was optimistic.

“Since I’ve shown that I’m reliable and trustworthy it doesn’t necessarily matter too much so that helps me in that sense. I don’t feel like it’s going to work against me,” says Crews.

“Working with Heyman was fantastic. He was so hands-on with me and he helped me a lot. He was one of the main reasons for me getting this opportunity and I’m very thankful for everything he’s done for me and helped me with,” says Crews.

Apollo Crews refuses to let the change affect him

Bruce Prichard has taken over RAW and has been responsible for some pretty mouthwatering storylines. His work in restructuring RAW and bringing in the big guns has not gone unnoticed.

However, Crews’ storyline is in serious question right now. Prichard may have an entirely new trajectory planned for the Champion. Crews seems unaffected by this.

“All I could do is look toward the future and I’m looking forward to working with Bruce [Prichard] as well,” says Crews. “We’re going to make magic together and I’m excited for what’s to come and where I’m at right now. The company is seeing what I’m capable of after these past few months taking this opportunity and running with it.”

Crews still has a lot going on for him. Even though his feud with MVP and Bobby Lashley isn’t a headliner, it still manages to turn a lot of heads. The Champion has his eyes set forward and looks to adapt and overcome anything thrown his way.

“Every now and then I think about those [past] moments and it keeps me humble and hungry, knowing where I could have been and where I could have still been,” says Crews. “And that’s what drives me. Once you get complacent, that’s where things shift and go in the wrong direction.”

We are yet to see what the future holds for Apollo Crews. Bruce Prichard may have a lot on his table right now, but he could definitely use a man of Crews’ talents in his plans. Maybe the change will suit Crews after all.

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