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“As Humane as Possible”: Rising NFL Athlete Provides Details on Brock Lesnar’s Black Bear Hunt

Published 04/30/2022, 11:00 AM EDT

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It is a secret to none that Brock Lesnar likes hunting. Recently, a photo of Brock Lesnar standing beside a bear, which he presumably hunted, got viral on social media.

Ever since then, fans have been talking about Lesnar’s hunting skills. WCW legend Eric Bischoff compared Lesnar’s bear hunt to a famous TV show. But Bischoff is not the only one who had such an interesting reaction.

Recently, rising NFL athlete Chris Manno also talked about the hunting of the bear.


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Manno took to Twitter and claimed that he heard no tools were used in the hunting process. And according to him, the Beast Incarnate had hit multiple German Suplexes instead of using any tools.

The rising NFL athlete noted, “Im getting word that no tools were used in the capture, slaughter, and beheading of this animal. Only that Brock Lesnar hit multiple German Suplexes in an effort to keep it as humane as possible.”

Just like his hunting skills, his football skills are a secret to none. Though Lesnar is a professional wrestler, he is no stranger to some NFL players and fans.

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Apart from hunting and pro wrestling, Lesnar also had a passion for football. He even left WWE in 2004 to pursue a career in the NFL.

What happened to the NFL career of Brock Lesnar?

Lesnar tried his best to pursue a career in football. In 2004, he even parted ways with WWE to play football. He impressed everyone at the NFL Combine.

He registered impressive numbers that got the attention of the whole NFL world. But unfortunately for him, he met with an accident soon after that.


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Brock Lesnar signed for the Minnesota Vikings. He played in several pre-season games but got released after that. That accident seemed to have a major impact on Brock Lesnar’s dream of playing in the NFL.

Even today, some individuals still remember Brock Lesnar’s great performance at the NFL Combine. Things could have been very different had Lesnar not met with that accident.


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Later on, he enjoyed success in the UFC and returned to WWE in 2012. Today, he is one of the biggest and one of the most successful individuals in the pro wrestling world.



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