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“Bad News for the Future of AEW”: WWE Has Implemented a Special Strategy to Make Life Harder for Tony Khan’s AEW; Fans Unhappy

Published 06/02/2023, 2:15 PM EDT

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‘WWE vs AEW’ is always a hot topic in the wrestling industry. Fans from both sides always end up getting indulged in heated arguments on social media. And even the companies keep on targeting each other from time to time.

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While Tony Khan often takes shots at the world of Vince McMahon, WWE rarely replies back. It sometimes makes fans wonder if the rivalry is just one-sided. However, a recent report by Dave Meltzer has revealed that even WWE put lots of effort to stay a step ahead of Tony Khan’s AEW

Dave Meltzer revealed the special strategy of WWE for AEW


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Recently, the American sports journalist Dave Meltzer has put light on the special clauses that the arena owners have to follow before renting to Tony Khan’s AEW. In the latest edition of ‘Wrestling Observer Newsletter’, Melzer revealed that WWE only signs the deal with the arenas that rent both WWE and AEW, if the owner agrees on a few clauses.

The first one is that the AEW can’t do the show for a specific period before and after WWE’s event. And the second one says that AEW can’t announce its show or sell the ticket if WWE’s event in the same arena hasn’t taken place yet.


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According to the report, In arenas that rent to both AEW and WWE, WWE has put clauses in its deals that AEW can’t run a certain number of weeks before or after the WWE show, & also that AEW and the arena can’t announce the show or sell tickets until after the WWE show has taken place.”

Even though according to some fans, this is how the business runs, several are not happy with this special strategy. Fans are coming forward and sharing their views on Twitter.

Fans are not happy with this business strategy

Several fans have shared their opinion about the special clauses that WWE has laid for the arenas that rent to both AEW and WWE. Most of the fans are not happy with it. While some fans are showing concern about Tony Khan’s company, others are just claiming that WWE is afraid of a promotion that started just four years ago.

These fans are concerned about AEW’s future.


These fans claim that WWE is getting afraid of AEW’s popularity

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No matter what’s the real reason behind the special clauses. But one thing is certain even WWE is aware of the potential that AEW has. The CCO Triple H himself once acknowledged the success of Tony Khan’s company.

AEW stepped inside the professional wrestling world in 2019, and in less than five years has achieved a lot. So it’s pretty normal for WWE to see it as a prime competitor and implement some special strategies.


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