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Bayley Furious With WWE Ahead of Clash of Champions 2020

Bayley Furious With WWE Ahead of Clash of Champions 2020

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion  Bayley is not happy with WWE! Her disdain with the company is due to a recent promotional poster for WWE Clash of Champions 2020.

BT Sports designed the latest (and probably the last) poster for Clash of Champions. However, they seemingly forgot to put the blue brand’s championship belt on Bayley. This caused Bayley to lash out at everyone involved.

Champions are generally very touchy with their titles. However, with former best friend Sasha Banks‘ constant threats to take the title away and with Nikki Cross challenging her, Bayley is really on the edge.

WWE- Nikki Cross- Bayley
WWE- Nikki Cross- Bayley

On the other hand, along with Bayley, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler did not have their WWE, United States, and Women’s Tag titles with them. Fans were quick to call out the graphics team on the lack of titles and for putting the leaders of the women’s division to the back.

Were the missing titles a genuine mistake from the graphics team? Or is it a prediction of the events to come?

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Bayley is ready to win at Clash of Champions

Bayley will take on Nikki Cross at the PPV. However, she has proven from time to time that she wants to destroy Sasha Banks, especially after Banks threatened to take her title away from her.

On the last Smackdown, Bayley promised to make both Banks and Cross pay if they tried to take her title. She warned Cross that she will be “slapping that silly little smile off her stupid little face.” She then held up a steel chair and said, “you can only imagine what will happen next.”

It is highly unlikely that the champion will use a chair unless she wants to win via disqualification. Even if she tries something like that, Cross’ best friend Alexa Bliss will be there to teach the champion a lesson.

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