Bayley Invites Celebrity Musician to Her Talk Show on WWE SmackDown

January 18, 2021 11:27 am

On WWE SmackDown, Bayley debuted her new talk show ‘Ding Dong, Hello!’ The show might not have gotten positive reviews from the internet wrestling community, but it was a fun segment nevertheless. On Twitter, WWE asked the WWE Universe who they wanted to see appear next on the show, to which the host had a stunning response.

Bayley wants Hayley Williams on the show

Going from Bianca Belair to Hayley Williams is a gigantic leap. The lead vocalist of popular group Paramore is one of the biggest names in the music industry, and Bayley must obviously be a huge fan to want her to appear on the show. Unless she has something sinister in mind?

The 32-year-old singer hails from Mississippi and met her bandmates in school. She has also featured in a variety of songs that have become platinum hits, like Airplanes. However, nowhere has she mentioned that she has any inkling towards sports entertainment.

The former longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion must have her reasons for inviting such a huge superstar to her show. If Hayley Williams accepts her request and shows up on Ding Dong Hello! it will be a SmackDown that we cannot miss.

Bianca Belair accepts challenge for obstacle course

Last week’s debut show was quite hilarious. Bianca Belair was her usual confident self, while Bayley tried to channel her inner Mike Mizanin and put on a good show. Some may call her show a cheap Miz TV knock-off, but the majority found it significantly more entertaining than Miz TV.

It is startling that the segment did not end up with Belair driving Bayley through the door placed in the ring. Instead, she kept her cool and taunted Bayley until she had to challenge her to an obstacle course on the following SmackDown. What the obstacle course is going to look like, we have no clue. However, we know that it will be as over-the-top as ‘Ding Dong, Hello!’ was.

WWE have managed to keep the rivalry between Belair and Bayley interesting for a while now. With segments like these, they will keep the fans interested without losing even a smidge of their attention. It all leads to an inevitable showdown in the women’s Royal Rumble match, preferably if both Superstars are the last women standing.

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