WWE Announce Big Championship Match For SmackDown

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In a recent post on Twitter, WWE confirmed that Bayley and Nikki Cross will go head-to-head once more on the next episode of SmackDown. This will be the latest edition in the series of conflicts these two have been involved in this past month.

So far, Bayley has quashed every attempt made by Nikki Cross to take the throne from her. Cross, however, is relentless and keeps coming back from the dust to challenge Bayley again.

Losing to her at Extreme Rules, Cross wanted another shot. She challenged Bayley yet again, and the two meet on SmackDown. This match was a regular setup and not for the SmackDown Women’s title.

Nikki Cross managed to pull off the win, shocking Bayley and her partner Sasha Banks. After tasting victory, she wanted to face off against Bayley for the gold this time.

However, “The Golden Role Models” weren’t going to just hand her the title shot. In order to crucially divide her from her close tag team partner Alexa Bliss, they played dirty.

Bayley forced Nikki Cross to face her best friend Alexa Bliss

Bayley laid down the terms that Cross had to fight Alexa Bliss, and the winner of the match would earn the right to compete for the title. Despite being forced to fight her best friend, Cross agreed and went on with it.

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In the match, the two friends put all feelings aside, but it seemed like Nikki Cross was a bit more forceful. In the end, Cross managed to pin Alexa Bliss and win the match. She got her title shot, but at what cost?

Even though the match is over, Sasha and Bayley may have just succeeded in driving a wedge between the two. Cross’ unwavering sight of the Championship may also be questioned here. Although, that is a story for another time.

Now Nikki Cross may have another shot at the title and Bayley “Dos Straps” may just become Bayley “Uno Strap”. Banks and Bayley now command all titles of the Women’s Main Roster Division and inarguably form the best team.

Cross will not only have to deal with Bayley but also the cunning tricks of Sasha Banks at the side of the ring. This may not matter much here, however, because after all the fights, she should know her enemy already.

Source: WWE Twitter

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