Becky Lynch Gives Brutally Honest Reaction to Fan Calling Her Baby Cute on Raw

Published 11/02/2021, 9:15 AM EDT
Becky Lynch with the SmackDown Women’s Championship | Courtesy: Getty Images

Every mother loves it when someone compliments their baby. However, Becky Lynch not only loved it, she claims it, boasts about herself, and impresses everyone witnessing her accepting the compliment!


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So, what happened?

On Monday Night Raw: November 1st, 2021, The Man received a compliment when she was ringside. The fan told The Man baby Roux is extremely cute (we agree!). However, Becky Lynch, being the legend she is, not only agreed but also explained where Roux gets it from.


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Is it Seth Rollins? Nah!

Is it the grandparents? Nope!

Of course, it’s the Raw Women’s Champion herself. And, she doubled down on it by revealing that The Man only speaks the truth. What an amazing woman!

In all fairness, she did not break character when Roux’s compliment arrived. Instead, she stuck to it, yet ensured to respond to someone talking about her daughter. She’s definitely found the way to blend both.

A true champion!

What’s next for Becky Lynch?

The Man put the Raw Women’s Championship on the line against Bianca Belair on Raw: November 1st, 2021. This match was long overdue considering they never could have a singles rematch without interruption.

Their first rematch was at Extreme Rules 2021, where Sasha Banks interrupted. The second match was a triple threat match including Sasha Banks at Crown Jewel 2021. Both times, The Man retained.

Now, the match on WWE Raw was the third. Becky Lynch retained the title, but not in an honest way. Nevertheless, she did.


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Now, it’s unclear if The EST of WWE is done with chasing The Man for the championship. However, there’s another who has her eyes on the title, Liv Morgan.


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Becky Lynch isn’t a fan of giving title opportunities. Therefore, if Morgan wants to get a title match, she’ll need to work for it. A potential contenders match could be in the books.

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Even if Liv Morgan manages to convince Lynch for a title shot, there’s a good chance Bianca Belair will not sit still. She won’t let Morgan weasel her way into a title opportunity without opposing it. The story forward looks interesting!

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