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Becky Lynch Might be the Next to Follow the Footsteps of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Becky Lynch Might be the Next to Follow the Footsteps of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

WWE Superstar and RAW Women’s Champion Becky ‘The Man’ Lynch has been rumored to make a full jump into Hollywood. Like her peers John Cena, Batista, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, she may be the next big star to leave the WWE in pursuit of an acting career.

The Rock’s mentorship

In a recent interview, Becky stated that The Rock has been very helpful in guiding me. He’s just being very giving and I think they all are because they’ve all been there and they’re all ready to look after the next generation.

The Man stated that John Cena was also a guiding force, helping her become a bonafide movie star, to add to her already stellar resume.

Becky Lynch: The Movie Star?

Becky has always been interested in film and Hollywood, with a degree in acting and roles in multiple plays. Her record-breaking reign as Women’s Champion has added to her likeability, which would make her great on a set.

She already has a really likable personality, which resonates with fans. Her charisma and fan following would definitely help her score great roles. Lynch has already appeared on the Showtime series Billions, with the showrunners leaving the door open for a recurring role.

Also rumored, is her appearance as a character in the gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe, joining the ranks of fellow stars like Batista.

Lynch wouldn’t be the first in her position, as her WWE rival Ronda Rousey has also seen some success in the film industry. 

Power Vacuum in the WWE

Becky Lynch has definitely been one of the greatest in her position, and one of the greatest to ever hold the belt. She has held the RAW Women’s Champion belt for almost 400 days now, setting an almost unreachable record. She has cemented her position as one of the greatest in her field, and definitely one of the most marketable.

Her leaving the WWE would have definite ramifications on the promotion. Ratings may take a hit since The Man has dominated the sport and been the female face of the WWE for over a year.

John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leaving the promotion for Hollywood had received momentary backlash from fans. This may also happen to Becky, since her reign as champion is unprecedented. Her absence would require her to give up her championship, starting off a hunt for a new face that could represent the sport.

Becky has been a huge part of WWE and the culture surrounding combat sports. Her friendship with UFC Fighter and fellow Irishman Connor McGregor has shown her fame also crossing over to the UFC fandom. Given her current position, making the transition to Hollywood seems to be a great decision. The consequences of such a decision are yet to be seen.

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Becky Lynch in the season premiere of “Billions”
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