Millionaire WWE Star Admits She “Shamelessly” Copies Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

Published 08/28/2022, 12:30 PM EDT

Before entering the glamorous world of Hollywood, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was dropping elbows on his opponents in WWE. The Rock is the most popular superstar to have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring.


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Johnson’s aura in WWE is unmatchable and newer stars are compared with him often. However, one current WWE star admits that she copies The Rock.


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Recently, Becky Lynch interviewed Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, who were promoting their upcoming movie Me Time.’ After Hart told about his finishing move, ‘Scorpian Tail’ The Man shared about copying ‘The Manhandle Slam’ from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Lynch said, “We’ve already got your (Kevin Hart) finishing move. My finishing move, I shamelessly robbed it from your boy, The Rock. The Rock Bottom.”

Becky Lynch previously had one finisher called Disarm-Her, commonly known as Armbar. Moreover, her secondary finishing move was Bexplex, which is Lynch’s version of Suplex. 


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When Big Time Becks returned at SummerSlam 2021, she turned heel and had a different alteration of her initial character. Subsequently, to match the new version of her gimmick, she started using ‘The Manhandle Slam’ a similar move to ‘The Rock Bottom’.

Further in the interview, she asked Wahlberg what her finishing move will be if he is facing Kevin Hart. He looked at Hart and did a flying kiss impression, calling it the Kiss of Death. The Man told Wahlberg that her recent top rival, Bianca Belair, already uses this move. 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gave Becky Lynch permission to use The Rock Bottom

Becky Lynch, in the recent WWE interview where she was the host, admitted she copied The Rock’s finisher Rock Bottom. However, there is a bigger story behind that too. 

A couple of months later, after she returned in 2021, Lynch appeared on Out of Character where she shared talking to Dwayne Johnson about using Rock Bottom as her new finisher.

The Man said, “So I used a variation of The Rock Bottom before but it’s just easier to get it and go. I asked The Rock if I could use it and he was very gracious and said that I could.”


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Johnson was gracious enough to permit Lynch to use the move. He had seen how big the former RAW Woman’s Champion had become when they previously interacted on TV on SmackDown in October 2019.

Lynch now uses the move and has named it ‘The Manhandle Slam’. Moreover, her version of Rock Bottom helped The Man win many big matches recently.


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