Beth Phoenix and Edge Celebrate Rare Feat Together: “Here’s to Our Future Days…”

Published 01/12/2022, 10:00 AM EST

While the Royal Rumble is on the way by the end of this month, many big names are expected to be a part of it. Some WWE legends will be a part of the Royal Rumble, while some are going to have a match at the PPV. One legend is Beth Phoenix, who will have a match at Royal Rumble.


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Beth Phoenix, with her husband Edge, is going to face The Miz and Maryse in a mixed tag team match. The feud began at DAY 1 PPV while Edge and Miz w/Maryse were in a match and Beth made her return to stop the interfering Maryse.


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Their match became official on this week’s RAW for Royal Rumble PPV when The Miz accepted the challenge Edge and Beth gave to them. 

Beth and Edge on Instagram shared a post about how they like to work with each other.

Beth Phoenix appreciates working with her husband Edge.

“The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix, who recently left the NXT commentary table, made her return at DAY 1 PPV to confront The Miz and Maryse. Now she and Edge will face The Miz and Maryse.

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Beth, on her Instagram, shared a post appreciating working with Edge. She posted two pictures, the first being of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony 2012 when Edge was inducted and also they recently started dating, and the second being from their latest appearance on RAW.

Both Beth and Edge started dating at the end of the year 2011. They both got married in the year 2016.

This will mark the first time Beth and Edge will have a match together in WWE. When they started dating, Edge had retired because of a neck injury and when Edge returned, Beth was a full-time NXT commentator.


Edge Posts an Emotional Post for His Wife Beth Phoenix as She Says Goodbye to WWE NXT

about 1 year ago

Edge also, on his Instagram, appreciated working with his wife and how he is happy too, with this storyline. He posted the pictures from their first appearance together on WWE television. It is from Wells Fargo Center in the recent RAW Episode.

Edge returned to WWE after a severe neck injury at Royal Rumble 2020 after a decade. Two years later, he had a match with his real-life tag team partner Beth at the same event in 2022. He won the Royal Rumble in 2021. Royal Rumble is becoming the prime event in Edge’s career in his second WWE run.

It Couple vs The Grit Couple at Royal Rumble 2022.

With the match set at Royal Rumble, fans are very excited to see Edge and Beth together in the match. 

As Edge said on RAW, “It will be the It Couple vs Grit Couple.” The match is set for Royal Rumble.

All the four superstars have been performing in WWE for more than a decade. Edge is the most experienced. The Miz and Maryse are surely experts in mixed tag team matches. The odds of winning are still towards Edge and Beth, but The Miz and Maryse can also win by their experience of working together. 

Beth Phoenix and Maryse will make a record at Royal Rumble


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This match will make a small record. Beth Phoenix and Maryse will be the two women wrestlers who have competed in WWE in three different decades. Beth Phoenix debuted in WWE in the year 2006 as an ally of Trish Stratus on RAW. Her most memorable run as “The Glamazon” came in the year 2007.


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Also, Maryse debuted in WWE in the year 2006 on SmackDown, but her official televised debut was in the year 2007 on RAW. By the year 2008, she was a regular on SmackDown.

Which pair are you hooting for? Who will emerge victorious in the upcoming Royal Rumble event? Tell us in the comments section below.



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