The duality of the online world means that it offers both support and criticism for celebrities, impacting their work and personal lives. This duality was evident in a recent incident involving WWE’s EST.

Bianca Belair had been on the cover photo of the newly launched WWE 2K24 game along with Rhea Ripley and Cody Rhodes. However, a recent promotional picture of Belair from the video game garnered a ton of negative comments from netizens, including racially motivated ones. In response, multiple WWE stars came out in support of Belair and responded to haters on her behalf.

Why is Bianca Belair trending?


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As part of the WWE 2K24 promo, a picture of Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, and Cody Rhodes appeared online. While Belair has had her fair share of victories in the WWE world and has risen through the ranks in the past year, some made assumptions on why exactly she had been put on the 2K24 cover alongside Rhea Ripley.

These comments were met with backlash from the WWE community, including several stars who called out the racist nature of the comments and pointed out the bigotry online. As one of the biggest and strongest WWE stalwarts, Belair continues to be an inspiration and a lighthouse for many, which is something that many pointed out as reasoning for why she was chosen alongside Ripley in a place of honor on the newest edition of the game.

This is not the first time she has faced such an attack, and this will likely not be her last either. But, while this may be, it seems she has a strong support system in the WWE community and her fellow WWE stars in ensuring that her accomplishments aren’t trivialized.

Cody Rhodes and other stars support Belair

Several WWE wrestlers have taken to Twitter to express their support for Belair. Bianca Belair has achieved a lot over the years, unlike several other superstars. Emphasizing the same, Rhea Ripley who has also shared the ring with Belair talked about her superiority as a wrestler.

Belair has also shared a lot of moments with other stars out of the ring. One of them is none other than Cody Rhodes. Rhodes had even taken to social media in January to share cover honors with Belair and Mami. Now he just has one word that was enough in support.

Big E also came in support of Belair and addressed the larger issue of racism and bigotry within the pro wrestling industry.

Meanwhile, Zelina Vega, a fan of Belair also came in to support of the EST. She did not mince her words for haters and praised Belair for working hard and her much-deserved success.

Belair is an inspiration to many women out there. However, she is also Vega’s inspiration as a wrestler.

Giving her respect to Belair, WWE’s biggest women’s superstar Becky Lynch admired her WWE journey. Lynch highlighted the greatness and work ethic of Belair and sent a clear message that these remarks barely make a dent in her progression.


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Even Ivy Nile expressed how Belair is the most influential person and how she admires her work ethic.


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What are your views on WWE wrestlers coming in support of Belair? Let us know what you think about it in the comment sections below.

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