Bianca Belair Opens up About Performing in Front of a Live Audience

Published 06/02/2021, 12:45 PM EDT

WrestleMania 37 was the first time Bianca Belair performed in front of a live audience since she moved to WWE SmackDown. She battled Sasha Banks at the event and headlined the main event on Night 1.


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Now, the company announced it will restart the tours. The first one will be a 25-city tour starting in July. This means that the audience will return daily for the live shows.

This will be a tremendous moment for all the Superstars since they’ve often expressed the energy with the live audience is a whole different experience.


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As the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Belair will definitely be a part of the summer tour. This means she will be performing in front of a live audience more often.

Now, during an interview, she revealed how she feels about performing in front of a live audience frequently. “Everyone is part of this. It’s more than just me, and this is my chance to share it.

“I’ve found myself very vulnerable in some of my moments, but that’s because I’m opening up to invite people to come on this journey. When I hold the title up in the air, I want everyone to know this is theirs, too.”


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Bianca Belair reveals her plans for the tour

The EST of WWE has already made plans of what she wants to do when she’s relaxing in her hotel room. It will be extra special for her since her plan involves a Christmas gift from her husband, Montez Ford.

It’s a sewing machine!

“I tote around that big ol’ sewing machine with me everywhere I go,” Belair says. “I love to sew in the hotel room. I even sew in the locker room sometimes.

“And now that we’re finally back on the road with live shows, it’s the first time I’ll be traveling with the title, too. I’m looking forward to showing that off to, and I finally get to show it off on the road.” H/t SI Wrestling

It’s possible Bianca Belair will have her rematch with Sasha Banks during the upcoming tour.


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The duo have not had a rematch since WrestleMania 37 where Bianca Belair defeated Sasha Banks to become the new WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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Do you think it’s time for Belair and Banks to have a rematch? Let us know in the comments below.


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