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Booker T Finally Responds to Ryback’s Invitation After Former WWE Star Challenged the NXT Commentator to Publicly Talk to Him – “Just Go Home”

Published 06/07/2023, 5:00 PM EDT

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WWE fans must have seen several real-life feuds between stars until now. The most recent addition to the list is the online feud between Booker T and Ryback. This feud only started recently and has been growing. It started off in a pretty generic manner. Most fans are already aware that Ryback often calls out WWE and its stars regarding a lot of things.

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This time around, things took a U-turn for Ryback. Booker T grabbed hold of the former WWE star about his tendency to point out WWE in everything. Soon, Ryback replied and things escalated when Booker T replied back.

Former WWE stars engage in a war of words


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As discussed, Ryback has taken digs at WWE personalities several times before. WWE legend Booker T called him out on this. In an interview, the NXT commentator pointed out that Ryback has been taking these digs because he left WWE and has no hopes of coming back to the game.

He then asked him to “just go home“. Ryback probably saw the interview and had the urge to reply to Booker T. This took place on Ryback’s official Twitter page.


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The former WWE star mentioned that he thought Booker T was “better than that“. He further asked him to not comment on things that he doesn’t have full knowledge about. Ryback said this in reference to Booker T’s assumption on why he continues to take digs at WWE. Later on, he replied to his own comment, saying that he solely targets Vince McMahon and his promotion because of what he has against them.

And then added that he has no hate for the ‘wrestling industry’ like Booker T assumed. During all this, Ryback also challenged the NXT commentator, “If you want to be an actual man, then pick up your phone or talk publicly with me.


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Booker T then “rescinded” this invitation by Ryback to talk publicly because he believes that he would do is talk about his own problems rather than have a consensual debate. Booker T did so by retweeting a tweet suggesting what he felt all this while.

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It appears the feud is not going to find a solution anytime soon. And fans will find it increasingly difficult to side in this heated debate as it continues to grow. For now, Booker T retweeting another person’s tweet is the most recent advancement in the feud. We will keep you informed any further developments in the on going war of words between Booker T and Ryback.

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Stay tuned and don’t forget to give us your opinion on the argument in the comments below.

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