6ft 1in Australian Boxer, Who Is a Former IBO Cruiserweight Champion, Challenged Brock Lesnar For a Fight, But On a Special Condition: “I Know my Limitations”

Published 08/30/2022, 3:15 PM EDT
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One of the things which is seen rarely is fighters calling out Brock Lesnar for a match. Whether it be in WWE, UFC, or any other combat sports, calling out The Beast Incarnate isn’t considered a good plan.

However, once Lesnar was called out by a boxer, and that too when he was in his prime and ruling over MMA.


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As per reported by Bleacher Report, Australian Boxer Danny Green had challenged Brock Lesnar in  2010 during an interview with Fox Sports. The Conqueror was the UFC Heavyweight Champion at the time. 

Green said, “Would I like to fight Brock Lesnar? Absolutely…It would have to be a stand-up fight. I know my limitations, and there’s no way I could compete with Lesnar on the ground. The bloke outweighs me by plenty and was a champion college wrestler.”

He added, “But to stand inside a steel cage and use fists and elbows, I’d even fight bare knuckle if that’s what it take to get him Down Under and inside a steel cage.”

The former WWE Champion was a complete package when he entered the world of MMA. He had an amateur wrestling background, along with that he had been a WWE superstar for a few years at the time. Clearly, Lesnar knew how to fight in the octagon and promote his fight during a press conference.

However, Green had a different vision of defeating Lesnar. He believed he would take down The Beast in a stand-up fight. He thought he could beat down Lesnar by left “jab, left jab, duck, overhand right”

It is true Lesnar excels in ground-type wrestling and stand-up style is his weakness. However, The Conqueror would have come out with some strategy if this match would ever happen.

Frank Mir talks about the WWE career of Brock Lesnar

Any Brock Lesnar fan or UFC fan would know how personal the match against Frank Mir was for The Beast. Clearly, Lesnar wanted to avenge the loss of his debut UFC match against Mir. However, a few months back, Mir gave his opinion on the WWE career of his former rival.

Appearing for an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Mir said, “I don’t know much about his pro-wrestling career. I don’t watch that, so I don’t know how bad he’s at it. But I think he’s definitely a guy like from what I understand listening other people at industry, he does the bare minimum what he has to do to cash a cheque.”


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Furthermore, he added that this is just what Lesnar is doing for being financially stable. Mir knows The Beast is a major draw in pro wrestling and earns big dollars for that. 

However, the former UFC fighter also claimed that pro wrestling is his second love. Lesnar is a fighter and not a wrestler, so his primary focus on having a WWE career is making money.


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