Bray Wyatt Sends a Cryptic Message to the Undertaker Ahead of Survivor Series

October 29, 2020 12:28 am

Survivor Series has just been announced a day ago and things have already started to heat up. The PPV will also mark thirty glorious years of “the Phenom,” The Undertaker.

After making his presence strongly felt on Raw since being drafted with Alexa Bliss, Wyatt has now taken to social media to send a message to a special someone.

The number 19/11 is easy to guess, as it denotes the date of this year’s Survivor Series. But who can the Fiend possibly be targeting?

In the previous edition of Raw, we saw him setting his eyes on Randy Orton, who was in the middle of his own problems with Drew McIntyre. However, this date and PPV has much more significance than any other past Survivor Series.

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The history of Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker

Prior to WrestleMania, Wyatt announced himself as the ‘Face of fear’. At Fastlane, Wyatt came out of a casket and challenged The Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania 31. Unfortunately, Wyatt was unsuccessful and finished second place.

That same year in October, Wyatt reignited his feud with the deadman after attacking him and carrying him backstage. The following night on Raw, The Wyatt family confronted Kane and got the same treatment.

At Survivor Series, Wyatt and Harper lost to the Brothers of Destruction. This ended their feud for a second time. This year’s Survivor Series marks the 30th year of Undertaker who made his debut at this same PPV in 1990.

Bray Wyatt has developed a sinister pattern since he transformed from the Face of Fear to ‘The Fiend’. All the people that did bad to him as the eater of worlds have become victims of his revenge.

Daniel Bryan had attacked the Wyatt family after being a part of the group. Years later at Survivor Series 2019, The Fiend defeated Bryan for the Universal Championship.

Bray Wyatt was on a high in 2014. He then started a feud with John Cena and lost his first WrestleMania match to him at the 30th edition. Six years later, Wyatt got his revenge on Cena by annihilating him at WrestleMania 36 in his Fiend avatar.

This week on Raw, we saw Fiend staring at Randy Orton in the last segment. This is another part of the pattern of the Fiend. Many years back, Randy Orton had burned down Wyatt’s house where Sister Abigail lived.

This Sunday marks 30 years of The Undertaker. If the deadman shows up at the show, we shouldn’t be surprised to see The Fiend coming after him.







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