BREAKING: Bobby Lashley Destroys Drew McIntyre to Retain WWE Championship at WrestleMania 37

Published 04/10/2021, 9:13 PM EDT

WrestleMania 37 Night 1 kicked off with former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre taking on current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. The WWE Universe had been trying to predict the winner, but the fact remains that both Superstars were equally qualified to be the WWE Champion.


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Drew McIntyre lost the title at Elimination Chamber 2021, even though he won the Elimination Chamber match. The Miz cashed in on his Money in the Bank contract immediately after the Elimination Chamber match and defeated McIntyre to win the title.

Soon afterward, the title changed hands. Bobby Lashley took over the title after a week on Monday Night Raw, marking the beginning of ‘The Almighty Era’.


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However, McIntyre returned looking to recapture his former glory and challenged Bobby Lashley for a title match at WrestleMania 37.

Even before the match could begin inside the ring, the Superstars had a verbal fight backstage. MVP was talking trash about McIntyre, when ‘The Scottish Psychopath’ arrived, ready to begin the match then and there. Referees had to interfere to ensure a backstage brawl didn’t start.

The first Superstar to walk down from the ramp to the ring was Drew McIntyre.

While the crowd chanted “Drew”, Lashley entered the arena with MVP by his side.

A recap of Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre

The match started with Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre attacking each other’s shoulders and arms. From there, it progressed to jabs, and both of them got their chance to attack the other.

However, McIntyre almost dominated when he threw Lashley over the ropes. Unfortunately for McIntyre, Lashley promptly took over by throwing McIntyre into the barricades.

Following that, Lashley continued to attack McIntyre. There was a point when Lashley had his foot over McIntyre’s neck, pressing it against the bottom rope. Furthermore, he backed McIntyre into a corner and attacked his abdomen with his shoulders.

Nonetheless, McIntyre regained authority over the match and attempted his first pin. However, Lashley kicked out. The next attempt to a pinfall victory was by Lashley, but McIntyre kicked out right on time. In fact, Lashley even tried The Hurt Lock on McIntyre, but the latter broke out.

The attacks continued, and the Superstars had a brief battle while both of them were sitting on the top rope. There were several moments when Lashley and McIntyre dropped the other on the ring floor with massive impact.

Not only that, McIntyre delivered three futureshock DDTs on Lashley, and when the latter was dragged out of the ring by MVP, McIntyre took down both of them by leaping over the ropes.

McIntyre even tried to catch Lashley in a lock-hold to tap out ‘The Almighty’, but he worked through and caught the rope in time.

Finally, Lashley took advantage of a distracted McIntyre, avoided a claymore, locked McIntyre in The Hurt Lock, and held on until the referee called for the bell.


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Winner: Bobby Lashley retained the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 37!


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