Before arriving on the scene at WrestleMania XL, Roman Reigns first showed up at the Hall of Fame ceremony hosted by WWE. Among the batch of 2024, Paul Heyman was also supposed to be inducted along with other WWE legends, however, the promotion chose The Tribal Chief to induct his Wiseman. While the camera panned to the crowd during Reigns’ entrance, fans noticed something.

The wrestling fans saw a female talent acknowledging her Tribal Chief among the crowd. So, they took it as a sign that we could be seeing a potential female entry into The Bloodline this weekend.

Who is the female wrestler with the potential to join Roman Reigns’ Bloodline?


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When ‘The Advocate’ was going to be inducted, Roman Reigns was called into the middle of the arena. His theme song played in the background as many fans stood up in the crowd, with their hands in the air and index fingers pointing to the sky. Nia Jax was one of the wrestlers ‘acknowledging’ the Samoan superstar during his entrance.

We can see the wrestling talent with her hand in the air, bobbing her head to the entrance theme along with a smile on her face. Jax, being in her element, caught fans by surprise.


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Although there have been speculations and rumors regarding a potential new male member that could be included in The Bloodline, the fan sentiment has now shifted over to Nia Jax.

So, if Roman Reigns decides to add Nia Jax to the heel faction over the weekend, it may receive a positive reaction from fans. But for now, let’s see for ourselves what these fans have to say about the same.

Fans support Nia Jax as they look forward to see her working with Roman Reigns

One of the comments on the original WWE post on Instagram reads, Nia Jax acknowledging her cousin brother ❤☝

There is another fan on the same social media platform who said, Nia acknowledging her tribal chief once again.

Switching over to ‘X’, a fan was arguing how Nia Jax acknowledges Reigns wholeheartedly. The fan then went on to clarify why it would make more sense for the female Samoan to be included in the stable as well.

Next up, we have a fan who is ecstatic that both Jimmy Uso and Nia Jax acknowledged The Tribal Chief publicly.

A fan acknowledges the female talent acknowledging her distant Samoan cousin.

Nia Jax wasn’t the only one that night who acknowledged the Undisputed Universal Champion publicly.

At last, a fan demands to see Jax becoming the first female member of The Bloodline.


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Among the options that WWE already has regarding the next Bloodline member, it could be that the promotion doesn’t pick a female talent for the faction. Even if they decide to go down that road, Nia Jax has some competition to face because there other female wrestlers in the Stamford-based company who come from a Samoan background.


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Do you think Nia Jax should get her chance in The Bloodline?

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