WrestleMania 40 turned out to be a spectacular cinematic show and Dwayne Johnson tried his best to make it entirely about himself. The hype sustained for the event on both nights and Cody Rhodes eventually came out on top and finally ended the Undisputed WWE Championship run of Roman Reigns. But the Final Boss had enforced a no-disqualification Bloodline Rules match to keep Rhodes away from the WWE Universal Championship. That’s when an unexpected entry was made. 

Legendary Undertaker rose from his grave, stole the spotlight, and choke-slammed The Rock to foil his plan and stop him from achieving his goal. However, The Rock managed to go out with a vengeful strike and inflicted another personal attack on The American Nightmare.

When Dwayne Johnson and his thunder didn’t go out quietly


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When Dwayne Johnson and Cody Rhodes shared the squared circle of WWE again on Monday Night Raw right after WrestleMania XL, this time instead of blows, the duo exchanged their belts. Interestingly, before The Rock left, he handed a special parting gift to Rhodes. This instantly became a topic of discussion in the WWE Universe and even the Busted Open Podcast’s Bully Ray and David LaGreca were intrigued by it.

Dwayne Johnson had mentioned that Cody Rhodes had broken his heart while handing the mystery gift. The part was not put out on TV, so what was gifted is still unclear. But speculating what The Rock meant while handing it to Cody, Bully Ray said, “’You broke my heart, and you’re never going to break my heart again. You broke my heart, so I broke your watch.’”


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Ray referred to the Golden Rolex which Triple H, Nick Khan, and Bruce Prichard had gifted Rhodes after his WWE title win. The watch was the exact same model owned by Cody Rhodes’ father, Dusty Rhodes. The late legend had pawned it off to send his son to acting classes and eventually get him into pro wrestling, just like him.

The trio was very close to Dusty and knew how much this victory would mean for his son. So they felt it was the perfect moment to “give him [Cody] something that in some way commemorated his dad being here when this happened, because he was.” The watch was very special to the Rhodes family. Maybe that’s why The Rock chose to hurt him in another way since he could not break his heart or spirit in Wrestle Mania. 


The American Nightmare made full use of his dad’s sacrifice and defied The Final Boss. But did The Rock really smash up the watch Triple H had gifted to Cody Rhodes? And what does this potential action of Dwayne Johnson signify? 

Will Cody Rhodes have to beat The Final Boss after all?


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In the days preceding WrestleMania XL, the main event had entirely shifted from a Rhodes and Reigns rivalry to a Rhodes and Dwayne Johnson rivalry. The Rock had fully immersed himself in destroying The American Nightmare, be it trash-talking about his family, thrashing him backstage, or threatening his mother, “Mama Rhodes, the Rock has got a special gift… The Rock is a man of his word. He said he’s going to put your son’s blood on this belt and at Wrestle Mania your son’s blood and your tears…”

Officially and technically speaking, Cody Rhodes never defeated Dwayne Johnson and lost his tag team match against him. Had The Undertaker not intervened in the end, Philadelphia would have seen a repeat telecast of last year’s WrestleMania where Roman Reigns retained the WWE Undisputed Championship with help from The Bloodline. 


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However, does this mystery gift from The Final Boss mean he will raze Rhodes once again? Let us know in the comments.

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