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“Brothers Beyond the Ring”: Emotions Run High as John Cena Burst Into Tears for 4-Time WWE Champion

Published 06/10/2023, 7:00 AM EDT

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The sight of WWE superstars baring their hearts to their in-ring rivals is oddly satisfying. It happens after the culmination of a long rivalry, or just when one superstar expresses their gratitude about one of their colleagues. These in-ring or behind-the-scenes moments allow the WWE Universe to witness the respect and bonds that exist behind the kayfabe rivalries. John Cena, one of the cornerstones of the promotion, never shied away to teach the world what true sportsman spirit looks like. He had no problem wearing his heart on his sleeves when it came to his fellow peers.

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The 16-time WWE champion had nothing but love and respect for one of his greatest rivals. This is a man who pushed Cena to the limit as they crafted one of the most intriguing wrestling storylines.

John Cena has nothing but praise for one of his most bitter WWE rivals


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Names like Randy Orton, Triple H, CM Punk, and JBL would qualify as Cena’s bitterest rivals. He shared the ring with all these men as he delivered some all-time classics. However, there is one name that allowed Cena’s stock to soar as a babyface during his ‘Marine’ era.

Cena and Edge shared a rivalry for the better part of 2006. Although they moved in different directions on occasions, the WWE kept bringing them back together. From Edge cashing in his MITB contract to Cena crashing Edge’s ‘celebration’ to Cena tossing Edge into Long Island Sound after the Rated-R Superstar did the same with Cena’s spinner belt; this feud had it all. It culminated in a brutal TLC match in Canada that Edge lost.


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Although the two didn’t have an extended storyline after that, Cena would have known Edge from their time backstage. The Rated-R Superstar’s retirement and his arduous journey back would have struck a chord with many, including Cena, who had transitioned to a part-time role.

‘The Cenation Leader’ shed a few tears as he discussed one of his most famous rivals in a WWE video. Cena said, ‘‘I really hope everyone watching knows just how gifted and caring, and amazing Adam is. He’s just a… he’s a good human being, he’s a great human being, he loves sports entertainment. He’s given so much to you guys, and I also think he’s aware of what you’ve given him.”

Edge’s love for sports entertainment was evident as he persevered to return despite having accomplished everything. The reception he got when his music hit at #21 in the 2020 Royal Rumble was a sign of Edge’s awareness of what the WWE Universe had given him. The loud and raucous receptions did not stop with the audience firmly in Edge’s corner, whether he was a heel or a face.

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The pro wrestling community has been lucky to embark on the ride that is the twilight of Edge’s career. The end could be near, as Edge claimed he would retire on his own terms when the WWE came back to Toronto. As the Hall of Famer has been advertised for the August 18, 2023’s SmackDown episode, in his hometown Toronto, fans believe he may keep his word.

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Cena’s tribute also may have led the WWE Universe to assume that this was the company promoting the August 18 SmackDown episode as Edge’s swansong. They chimed in on the wholesome moment featuring the future Hall of Famer praising the Hall of Famer.

Fans oscillate with multiple waves of emotion, watching the heartfelt speech of John Cena for Edge

Fans were left in awe after seeing the amazing display of love and friendship between two of the greatest wrestlers of the generation. They added to the high-flying emotion with their applauding comments.

They can’t get enough of the heart-touching video clip. Nostalgia hit hard for supporters as they relived memories of the cherished era. For most wrestling fans, flashbacks of these two titans of wrestling still occupy a large part of their childhood.

Cena vs Edge rivalry reached its peak during their clash in TLC Match at Unforgiven 2006. The WWE Universe still cherishes that iconic moment.

One fan wants the duo to meet in the ring again for one last time. It may not be possible due to Cena’s filming schedule and the WWE perhaps wanting Edge to put over a rising star on his way out.

A few also use their vivid imagination to draw a fairytale ending for a monumental rivalry in the history of WWE.

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A user recognized their off-screen brotherhood and adores it the most.


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It remains to be seen if the two end up coming together for a last grand match in the future or not. In either case, the epic saga of their historic rivalries and brotherhood will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time.


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Do you want to see Cena vs Edge for one last time? What did you make of Cena’s kind words to Edge? Let us know in the comments section below.

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