Alarming Backstage Report On WWE Executive Has The Fans Concerned

July 13, 2020 1:23 am

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Conrad Thompson talked about the problems WWE Raw Executive Director Bruce Prichard was having and how adjusting to the new role was taking its toll on him.

Prichard was hired for the post as soon as Paul Heyman was removed. This had something to do with RAW’s viewership ratings steeply declining over the months.

Prichard has managed to stabilize the drop but is having a lot of issues doing so.

“It’s not a little bit of stress, it’s a lot of stress,” admits Thompson. “We don’t have specific conversations cause I don’t want him to ever think that I’m being the guy trying to dig for scoops, but yeah, every now and again, certainly I’ll get a call from Bruce and you can just hear it in his voice.”

The pressure of his position seems to be affecting Prichard’s daily routine. RAW has certainly been showing signs of improvement.

However, this drastic change won’t do Prichard any favors. He certainly won’t have any leisure time.

“He’s tired, he’s sleepy, he’s stressing. And I can only imagine the amount of curveballs that are coming his way, not just from running a show on FOX, which my goodness, what a huge undertaking that is. But now you’ve also got a show on USA, but as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also happening during a pandemic on a closed set,” explains Thompson.

Bruce Prichard has been handling RAW very well so far in WWE

“It’s just remarkable when you think about all the particular challenges and how many times they must have to – and nobody’s told me this – but I just assume they’ve had to write and rewrite and write and rewrite because there’s so many moving parts. There’s so many variables with who can travel, who can’t, who has a fever, who doesn’t,” says Thompson. “These are things where maybe once upon a time it was just something you didn’t have to worry about.”

Thompson admits that scheduling has been the source of Prichard’s worries. The health concerns are of key importance here, but organizing the matches have turned out to be a big challenge.

“Everybody’s here, everybody’s accounted for and everybody’s well. And if that’s not the case, I can only imagine that wreaks havoc on your plans,” says Thompson. “So, you have to adjust on the fly and again, I’m free-styling and all of that and nobody’s told me that, but I just can’t imagine.”

Bruce Prichard may not be ready to admit it, but Conrad Thompson does give us valuable insight as to what really goes down behind the scenes.

Prichard has the straining job of turning the fortune of a brand in a pandemic, with the odds stacked up against him.

However, he has been focusing a lot on the Women’s division and has managed to set the standards high once again. Behind the scenes of these great matches lie a lot of people like Prichard, struggling and working continuously to get it right.

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