Buddy Murphy and Ricochet Unhappy With WWE for Filling the Elimination Chamber Matches With “FORMER WWE CHAMPIONS”

Published 02/22/2021, 7:15 AM EST

Buddy Murphy had a very interesting proposition for the creative team.


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He believes WWE should take a fresh path and start putting promising Superstars with the potential of becoming champions inside the WWE Chamber instead of former WWE Champions. As per him, the company should think about younger Superstars instead of constantly pushing veterans.


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This stems from the WWE Championship elimination match, where everyone taking part were former champions.

In his tweet, he tagged Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, Angel Garza, and others.

Almost everyone he has tagged has championship potential and can make it big if given the opportunity. While Mustafa Ali is leading a faction against WWE’s wrongdoings, Cedric Alexander has turned his career around with The Hurt Business.

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet were in agreement with Buddy Murphy, hinting towards their dissatisfaction with the current scheme of things.


When was the last time Buddy Murphy was on-screen?

The last time fans saw Buddy Murphy on-screen was during his romantic storyline with Rey Mysterio’s daughter, Aalyah Mysterio.

Even though WWE tried to make the storyline work for a while, WWE dropped it with no further plans in the works for Murphy.

Maybe, his tweet will become the first step towards his return to the WWE ring.

With Seth Rollins back in the mix, WWE might reignite the feud which started between Rollins and Murphy during Rollins’ war with The Mysterios. On the other hand, Murphy can also find himself in a storyline with Intercontinental Champion, Big E.

Considering the way Elimination Chamber 2021 ended, there’s no predicting the company’s next move.

Elimination Chamber 2021 surprises

The Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship ended with a surprise.

When the match between Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston, and Randy Orton started, almost everyone knew McIntyre would win the match. He did.

But Lo Behold! The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and pinned McIntyre for the WWE Championship. The crowd went wild; the arena went wild; Twitter went wild; everybody lost their mind. The Miz was back on top after a decade.


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If this wasn’t enough, Matt Riddle secured the US Championship title after defeating Bobby Lashley and John Morrison.


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Finally, Edge made his big decision, proclaiming that he will challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.


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