Since the most recent Royal Rumble, the wrestling community has been intrigued by Cody Rhodes‘ continued quest to confront Roman Reigns, Dwayne Johnson, and The Bloodline. The most recent Raw program saw a significant development in this storyline. Rhodes sent a stern warning to Bloodline advisor Paul Heyman. However, during this serious segment, one weird but funny thing was also observed. 

In spite of everything going on, attentive fans couldn’t help but pick up on one interesting detail during the 26th February episode of WWE Raw. Heyman’s phone call to The Bloodline members on the WWE Raw discreetly included a reference to The Rock.

Hidden reference: Heyman’s phone call to Dwayne Johnson


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Cody Rhodes defeated Grayson Waller in the main event of the 26th Monday Night Raw. Heyman approached him and urged him to withdraw his challenge to face The Rock at any time or place. Chaos ensued as Heyman’s NYPD associates attempted to intimidate Rhodes, but he quickly overpowered them. 

Then, amid the chaos, Heyman made frantic calls to Johnson and Reigns before fleeing the ring with an unclear communication. Although the situation was pretty intense people noticed one thing funny when Heyman made those phone calls. Fightful Wrestling had also tweeted about a Brahma Bull reference.  

The caption reads, “Paul Heyman has The Rock’s logo as a sticker on his phone.” Fans loved the attention to detail that Heyman had put into his work. During calling The Rock, he used a different mobile phone from the one he used to call Reigns. It was evident from the back of his phone that he had added Dwayne Johnson’s Brahma Bull logo. 

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Many fans took to social media to laugh but made clear that it was a comedy gold. However, after the segment, Cody Rhodes did great mic work and said daring lines to Heyman before he ran.  

“I am hunting the Bloodline”- Rhodes 

Cody Rhodes, reflecting on the recent altercation with The Rock in Las Vegas, asserted that it’s time for a new “Peoples Champ.” With this sentiment in mind, he surprised the audience by challenging The Rock to a match “anytime, anywhere.” 


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Hence on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman launched an attack on Rhodes to escalate the feud. Rhodes roared out saying, “The Bloodline isn’t hunting me. I am hunting The Bloodline.”  After this combined with the above-mentioned phone call incident, Heyman left the ring. 

However, Rhodes swiftly turned the tables on the Bloodline member by retaliating against his attacker. The former AEW star expressed his determination to defeat the faction and put an end to their dominance.


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What do you think about this whole Paul Heyman segment and the fact that he has 2 different phones for Reigns and Rock? Do you think Dwayne Johnson’s logo on his mobile is hilarious too? Let us know in the comment section below.