“CEO Is Back”: Sasha Banks Announces Return to Where She Wrestled as Mercedes Mone Recently

Published 02/28/2024, 12:35 AM EST

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Former WWE Superstar Sasha Banks has returned back to the birthplace of Mercedes Mone once again. The Boss had lately been in the US but is now back in Japan to wrestle for the NJPW. Apparently, Banks has not cut her ties with the Land of The Rising Sun.

Sasha Banks announced her return to the Japanese shores via a new story on Instagram. Captioning the story, The Boss wrote, “The CEO is back 🇯🇵”. With this, Mercedes Mone will entertain her fans of NJPW and Stardom once again. She last wrestled in NJPW around March 2023. And now the speculations are that she will join AEW but also wrestle for NJPW.

What are your thoughts on this? Who would you like Sasha Banks to wrestle next? Let your thoughts flow in the comments.


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