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Chad Gable Breaks Silence After His Shocking Heel Turn on WWE Smackdown

Chad Gable Breaks Silence After His Shocking Heel Turn on WWE Smackdown

Chad Gable

WWE’s latest episode SmackDown episode on 31st July witnessed some fantastic moments. One such moment was when Chad Gable attacked Matt Riddle. The entire movement consisted of a somersault, a pick-up, and an arch drop.

Chad Gable joins King Corbin

Gable conducted a proper suplex on Matt Riddle before walking away from the ring with King Corbin.

The entire incident commenced when Jeff Hardy could not complete his victory celebrations due to Baron Corbin’s intervening. After taking on Hardy, King Corbin took his jabs to Drew Gulak.

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Now, when Gulak and Corbin were in the middle of their battle, Matt Riddle entered the ring. Upon entering, the Superstar attacked Corbin from behind. This resulted in the official ringing the bell and declaring no winner.

However, it did not end there. Once Riddle attacked Corbin, this is when Chad Gable entered the ring and tackled Matt Riddle. After this, the two of them proceeded to leave the ring together.

WWE shared the clip of the suplex on its official Twitter handle.

Chad Gable responded to that by taking a dig at the former UFC star’s preference of not wearing shoes in the wrestling ring. Even though Riddle does not wear shoes as a personal preference, Gable made it look like Riddle not having any shoes on after the suplex was an after-effect.

“I guess I suplexed this man out of his shoes! So sick…”

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this move by Chad Gable. It’s notable that he reduced Corbin’s advances earlier.

However, when the two walked away from the ring, the gestures hint that all of this was about the money. This points at the conversation they had backstage as a result of which Gable came forward to help Corbin.

It’ll be intriguing to see where this alliance goes from this point onwards.

Source: Chad Gable Twitter

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