CM Punk’s Comments and WWE’s Denial Might Indicate “Never” but a “Secret” Gets More Eyes Than Rumors

Published 10/28/2023, 3:00 PM EDT

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CM Punk‘s potential return to the wrestling world has been a hot topic among fans, particularly regarding a reunion with WWE. Despite consistent reports indicating WWE’s rejection of CM Punk’s interest in a comeback, the speculation surrounding his return continues to churn in the rumor mill. 

The constant denial from WWE and CM Punk’s comments suggesting it won’t happen has only fueled intense discussions. It leads many to wonder if there might be more to the story hidden beneath the surface.

CM Punk’s uncertain wrestling future


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CM Punk’s departure from AEW on 2nd September 2023, sparked intense speculation about his future. While many fans considered a WWE return, reports of WWE rejecting Punk’s interest persisted. Some still believe WWE is dropping hints about his return. However, Punk was recently seen backstage at Impact Wrestling.


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While WWE and CM Punk have been reported to be in talks, there is nothing concrete that has come out. Moreover, this is an indication that two parties may not come to an agreement. Dave Meltzer discussed Punk’s potential WWE return on Wrestling Observer Radio, suggesting that while the situation remains unchanged, WWE might keep any interest under wraps until the right moment.

He said, “I was told it’s a ‘no,’ that doesn’t mean forever, it’s wrestling, but I’ve heard nothing new. My gut is that if something happens, maybe they would want to keep it a secret, but I was told it’s a ‘pretty strong no,’ and you know that’s the deal.”

Apart from WWE’s reported reluctance to sign Punk, the star himself hasn’t come clear on any speculation. When asked about his return to WWE, Punk gave a vague answer, shutting down talks of a comeback to the Stamford-based promotion.

Where Is CM Punk Likely to Go After Being Cast Away by AEW?

Recently, Billy Corgan made a heartfelt offer to CM Punk to join NWA. It focuses on providing a fulfilling wrestling experience despite financial limitations. His future in wrestling is uncertain, and he may be waiting for WWE to reconsider their stance. Although Impact Wrestling offered a sincere opportunity, the challenge of bringing in CM Punk remains. 

CM Punk’s potential Impact Wrestling involvement


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Impact Wrestling is facing a challenge amid speculation about CM Punk’s potential interest. Although he didn’t appear at Bound For Glory, rumors suggest he might join the company. Impact initially aimed to bring in Ace Steel as a producer, not considering CM Punk. 

The significant obstacle appears to be the salary gap, as Punk’s earnings in AEW far surpass those of top Impact wrestlers. As per Fightful, Impact Wrestling, amid its rebranding to TNA, would greatly benefit from having CM Punk onboard. However, current indications show little movement in that direction.


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CM Punk’s backstage appearance at recent Impact TV tapings signaled a potential openness to join. Whether he steps into the ring for the company remains uncertain, and only time will reveal the outcome of this situation. What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below to let us know. 

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