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Cody Rhodes’ Admission About First Day of School Could Potentially Cost His Relationship With Former Best Friend

Published 09/09/2023, 11:30 AM EDT

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In a recent interview, Cody Rhodes told the fans that his wife, Brandi Rhodes, is his best friend. But who was his best friend before he met his better half? It was none other than her elder sister, Teil Rhodes. He was very close to her, and she always looked out for him.

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Even now she has her younger brother’s back. On Raw on July 17, when Brock Lesnar attacked Cody, Teil Rhodes went after Lesnar on X (Twitter). Cody Rhodes has very fond memories of his teenage years that he shared with his elder sister. He recently shared an incident involving his elder sister that might get him in trouble later.

“My sister got some girl shoved up in the locker room,” says Cody Rhodes 


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Cody Rhodes recently appeared on The Dale Jr. Download podcast where he narrated an incident from his high school. Teil always had a bold personality and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or do as she liked. That said, Cody revealed that on the first day of school during his freshman year, his sister cornered a girl.

He said, “She was a senior I was a freshman. I thought we’ll run into each other. We are brothers and sisters. Cool, I am in school. One time I’m walking down the hall. This is the first day of school and on the other side of the guardrail, my sister got some girl shoved up in the locker room.”


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Rhodes added he was excited to meet his sister on the first day of school, but this incident prompted him to keep walking and not confront his elder sister. He added her sister had a reputation in school.

Teil Rhodes was popular in school

During the interview, Cody Rhodes told the fans that his elder sister, Teil Rhodes, had quite a reputation in school. He describes her by saying that in elementary school; she wore full makeup and a leather jacket and was unique and popular in her own way. He added that Madona was her hero.


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Continuing more stories about his childhood and teenage years, he revealed how differently he and his sister were brought up. He professed that his father, Dusty Rhodes, always kept tabs on Teil while he was unbothered about his son. It was because he trusted Cody Rhodes very much.

Cody Rhodes says that this was because his mature wrestling success had gained his father’s implicit trust. His father had full confidence in him that he wouldn’t do anything wrong.


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What do you think of Rhodes’ first day of school incident? So you think he will get in trouble for telling this story in public?

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