Can Cody Rhodes handle the pressure from Solo Sikoa's Bloodline, or is he in over his head?

Cody Rhodes finally ushered in a new age as he dons the role of the protagonist after defeating his antagonist Roman Reigns at WrestleMania XL, winning the Undisputed Championship after a long two-year road. The American Nightmare has proven himself to be a wrestling champion. The promotion seems to be positioning him as their main babyface, and he surely is the type of superstar who has the power to elevate others around him.

Since his return to WWE, Rhodes has proven time and time again that he possesses not only in-ring skills but also a charisma and presence that resonates with fans. Nevertheless, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for the WWE Universal champion, as he opened up about the difficulties of reaching and staying at the top.

In a recent appearance on the Pivot Podcast, current WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes sat along with Ryan, Channing, and Fred at the Fanatics Headquarters in NYC to talk about his win at WrestleMania XL, honoring his father’s legacy, as well as the current state of the WWE. It was during this conversation that he revealed the pressure of being in the limelight and how he gets nervous in front of massive crowds such as those in Madison Square Garden.


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Narrating a recent incident with Randy Orton, Rhodes said, “I think the way to process it is be honest with yourself. Again, not a situation where don’t be delusional. What I said in the car right before we pulled up, right behind Bloodlines SUV, I told Randy, I go, these segments really make me nervous. Like I’m buzzing right now. That’s helpful if I’m not trying to disguise it. That’s helpful to get into the mode.”

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Cody Rhodes will have to rein in his nervousness as he goes up against Solo Sikoa and The Bloodline

Nevertheless, Cody Rhodes will have to get a good hold on his nerves now that the WWE has planted the seeds for a future rivalry between him and Solo Sikoa. The new leader of The Bloodline came out alongside Tonga Loa and Tama Tonga to attack The American Nightmare. However, Kevin Owens and The Viper came to the aid of the former AEW star, only to be attacked by the new debutant, Jacob Fatu. He single-handedly thrashed the trio.

So with a scary monster such as Fatu in front of him, Rhodes cannot afford to get nervous and has to bring out his A-game in the Money in the Bank. With the new Bloodline not paying heed to their closest confidantes, evidenced by their vicious beating of Paul Heyman, the Royal Rumble winner cannot afford to go easy on his next challenge. What do you think? Will Cody Rhodes be able to fend off the Bloodline 2.0 and keep himself and his title safe from the hands of Solo Sikoa and company? Let us know in the comments.