WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes recently received one of the most brutal beatdowns in pro wrestling. The American Nightmare has faced several dangerous opponents, including his WrestleMania tag team partner Seth Rollins with torn pecs. However, Rhodes couldn’t fight back Dwayne Johnson when he surprised him with a bloody backstage visit.

While things didn’t end well for Cody Rhodes in Chicago, he has a chance to redeem himself at WrestleMania XL. Interestingly, a news update suggests that he may finally be able to complete his story. Even the Final Boss and The Bloodline Rules on Night Two of Mania may not stop him if this theory turns out to be true.

Cody Rhodes to finally honor his father’s legacy


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Cody Rhodes has been chasing the WWE Championship title for a very long time. He had almost clinched the belt last year before Roman Reigns’ lackeys attacked him at WrestleMania 39. The American Nightmare has climbed his way back to the number one contender spot for WrestleMania. However, he will also face Dwayne Johnson in his path to winning this year.

Interestingly, Cody Rhodes recently appeared for an interview with Justin Walker where he revealed signing a new multi-year WWE contract. According to Rhodes. “I can tell you 40 is out of the question just because not to give you scoop, it was widely reported, but I did sign a new contract with WWE.” This comes as big news, especially considering his upcoming title match.

Just a few days ago, several rumors suggested that Roman Reigns will take a hiatus from WWE after WrestleMania XL. Thus, it isn’t hard to add things up and speculate a Cody Rhodes title win at Mania.

If this actually happens, it would mark the conclusion of one of WWE’s biggest storylines and the long-awaited honoring of Dusty Rhodes’ legacy.

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However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Cody Rhodes will win the WWE title. Roman Reigns is known to be on long breaks from WWE anyway, and he can easily go on a hiatus without relinquishing his belt. Moreover, there’s a strong chance that Dwayne Johnson will finally play his hand at WrestleMania XL.

Is the Final Boss going to play his trump card at WrestleMania XL?


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Dwayne Johnson has sent several signals to the WWE Universe indicating that he has something up his sleeve. His allegiance to Roman Reigns is questionable due to several factors, including his desire to be the champion when he first returned in January. Moreover, he could also help Roman Reigns irrespective of whether or not he wins on Night One of WrestleMania XL.

While Reigns can leave without giving up the title, The Rock may also end up betraying him and helping Cody Rhodes. For all we know, Señor Money in the Bank Damian Priest can also finally cash in his MITB contract and win the title. 


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Keeping every possibility alive, however, The American Nightmare may also emerge victorious. Do you think Rhodes will finally finish his story? Let your thoughts flow in the comments.

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