WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes finally finished his story and won the WWE Universal Championship as he looks ahead to the future. The American Nightmare conquered Roman Reigns after a roller coaster of a match that saw the appearance of several WWE greats. With this, he has now finally won the sole championship that had eluded the grasp of his dad, the legendary Dusty Rhodes.

Gaining fame as The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes emerged as one of the biggest figures that changed the landscape of pro wrestling. Cody Rhodes had a rocky start in wrestling but redeemed himself in recent years, becoming one of the top stars in the industry. Interestingly, while winning the WWE Championship was part of finishing the story, he received something special that can truly be called the epilogue of his story so far.

When Cody Rhodes received a lost token from the past


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The new WWE Champion Cody Rhodes ended the 1316-day championship reign of The Tribal Chief. While everyone thought that Roman Reigns would shatter the 1474-day championship record of Hulk Hogan, Rhodes put a full stop to that journey. Interestingly, The American Nightmare received a great token from Triple H, Nick Khan, and Bruce Prichard after his eventual title win. Speaking about it in the post-event WrestleMania XL press Conference, Cody Rhodes said, “I know this isn’t what you asked at all, but something that I wanted to share. I came to the back and Bruce Pritchard and Triple H and Nick Khan handed me this.” Rhodes showcased a gold watch on his wrist to the media.


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Cody Rhodes continued, “(It) is the same watch that my dad had. That he pawned so that I could go to acting school. So the level of investment and responsibility that the company just put in my hands. I hope I can pay it back pay it forward a hundred times over.”

Interestingly, Rhodes had mentioned this watch, a gold Rolex, in a eulogy he shared back in 2015.

Cody Rhodes had tweeted a letter written to his late father and conveyed, “My beautiful Sister Teil will tell you all about “angel money”. And that beautiful gold Rolex…he told me if I ever won the World Title, that I could have it.”

He further wrote, “Just the other night I inquired about that watch, come to find out he had sold it so that I could drive to Los Angeles to chase a dream.” Interestingly, while he saw his dad’s gold Rolex come back to him after becoming the champion, he also received great help from one of his dad’s buddies to win the WWE title.

When Dwayne Johnson was trampled out of Rhodes’ way


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The Bloodline Rules match enforced by Dwayne Johnson saw the faction operate according to their whims. The Final Boss had taken control of the match and Cody Rhodes almost lost his shot for the second time in a row. However, the sound of a gong tore through all the chaos, and The Rock’s face filled with dread before the lights went out.

When the lights came back, The Undertaker was standing behind Dwayne Johnson, and he sent him flying with a Chokeslam. Taker, who made his debut against Dusty Rhodes and was an off-screen friend of the legend helped his son win the title.


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While his very appearance was mind-blowing for the entire WWE Universe, the help Cody Rhodes received proved to be a big cog in his win. With this, the new WWE Champ received the blessings of his late father in the best way possible. What are your thoughts on this? Let them flow in the comments.

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