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“Come Out of Retirement in a Heartbeat”: Cody Rhodes’ Past Beef With Triple H Could Possibly Lead to a ‘Dream Match’

Published 09/24/2023, 3:45 PM EDT

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Cody Rhodes has enjoyed an incredible run in WWE since his return last year. During this time he has feuded with some of the top names in the company. But there is one name who could’ve made a perfect opponent for Rhodes during his current WWE run. We are talking about the Head of Creative Triple H. These two have a history going back to 2019 when Rhodes took a shot at The Game in AEW. This would be a dream feud for many and it looks like Cody Rhodes’ wife wants something similar involving her as well.

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Ex-AEW Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes recently made an appearance on a podcast where she spoke about her dream match. Interestingly, despite four years having passed since the cross-company feud, Brandi still hasn’t forgotten about it.

Brandi Rhodes expresses a deep desire for a dream match


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Brandi Rhodes has proved her worth in the pro wrestling world as a highly versatile and multi-talented woman. The highly dynamic ex-Chief Branding officer of AEW recently appeared on the ‘Ring The Belle’ Podcast. Brandi discussed various things with the hosts, but the most prominent one was her mention of her dream match. Answering the question about which match she badly wanted to have, Brandi said, “Stephanie and Triple H, 100 percent.” 

Brandi further added, “I would come out of retirement for that in a heartbeat. And I would do it at 72 years old. Y’all would have to sit through that and just let it happen. I know it wouldn’t be great but just let it happen.” Despite expressing her deepest desire, she mentioned that she knew that the chances of such a match happening were almost non-existent. 


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In spite of this, she noted, “If that was on the table, you’d have Grandma in the gym. I’d be doing everything I possibly could. Like I’d be getting into full lotus in my yoga studio, just to… just to stretch Stephanie a little bit. Haha” Brandi’s words clearly show she’s all girded up to compete against WWE’s top brass. 

However, the chances of this happening are slim. Triple H was forced to retire in 2022 after heart surgery and is unlikely to get back in the ring. Stephanie McMahon has also moved away from WWE and won’t be back anytime soon.

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Moreover, Brandi Rhodes herself isn’t an active competitor anymore. Still, the seeds are there for a rivalry between Rhodes and Triple H if they it ever comes to pass.


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Cody Rhodes took a loud shot at Triple H during his time in AEW

Cody Rhodes had left the WWE for a brief while to join Brandi Rhodes, and Tony Khan to establish the AEW. While he is back at WWE, Rhodes had once chosen a wacky way to send a strong message to WWE. Rhodes destroyed a replica of Triple H’s ‘King of Kings’ throne during AEW’s maiden Double or Nothing event in 2019. In fact, the weapon used by Cody was nothing but HHH’s signature sledgehammer.

This was a cross-company message sent by the newly established AEW to the COO of WWE. According to Cody, the destruction made the announcement that the AEW is here to take the throne of WWE. Four years later, however, Rhodes found himself back in WWE and booked for the main event at Wrestle Mania 39. 


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Moreover, the booking was arranged and marketed by the trusty staff of Triple H. Do you think The Game and Stephanie will face Cody and Brandi Rhodes one day? Let your thoughts take center stage in the comments.

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