Despite not being in the WWE ring for a while, Matt Riddle didn’t slip out of the fan’s eye. The former Original Bro found himself at the critic’s gunpoint as he messed things up at an indie event tonight while wrestling former WWE star Kalisto. The nail-biting clash between them led to a botch putting Kalisto’s body at risk. The leaked clip of this off-script spot pushed fans to vent it out on the social media wall.

Despite both the fighters related to the botch having a well-documented history with WWE, the hazardous antic might let the company faithful breathe a sigh of relief that they didn’t do it under the WWE banner at least.

Matt Riddle and Kalisto’s WWE connection: Explained


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Matt Riddle’s time in WWE was quite a banger until last year. He spent 5 years in the Stamford-based promotion honing his crafts. One of his most celebrated works to date was running a tag team named RK-Bro alongside Randy Orton. But from the very start of 2023, things took a shift for the former United States Champion. WWE abruptly threw him out of the creative loop following a feud with the Bloodline and a humiliating beatdown from The Usos. While fans were waiting to have him back, the WWE higher-ups pulled the rug by announcing his release amidst a random talent-cutting spree following the TKO takeover. Riddle went back to explore himself in the Indies.

On the other hand, the other figure of the match, Kalisto used to fight under the NXT brand around 2023. Eventually, he got pushed to the main roster and achieved several accolades including the United States Champion and Cruiserweight title. He even had a significant connection with WWE legend Rey Mysterio and has been dubbed worldwide as the ‘next Mysterio.

Tonight, in a destined course of events, when two of them met each other from opposite sides of the ring, a havoc followed. A viral video shows how The King of Bros lifted Kalisto on his shoulders and threw him on the mat in an unsafe spot.

Fans couldn’t help letting their worries and confusion out in the comments.

WWE fans voiced ultimate disapproval of Matt Riddle’s controversial antic 

It seems Kalisto almost broke his neck. Fans’ analytic hunch says Riddle is alone responsible for the mess. They go like, ”Matt’s fault, he’s dropped too early.’ Another critic wondered ‘It should just be a simple backdrop, why did he bend over like that’?. 

Some fans even seem relieved given Riddle is no more under WWE’s contract. They recapitulated the situation and wrote, ”Riddle was supposed to let him go backdrops before he jumped to complete the flip, maybe I should be happy WWE got rid of him”. One of the fans deemed this recklessness of Riddle as the sole reason for his WWE release and noted, ”And that’s why he’s not in WWE”


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Some more brickbats look like, ”It should just be a simple backdrop, why did he bend over like that”

It will be interesting to see if WWE considers resigning the 34-year-old sometime in the future or not.


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What’s your take on Matt Riddle and Kalisto’s huge botch during an indie show last night? Let us know in the comments.

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