“Could Have Made Him Paralyzed”: Man Performing WWE Move On Concrete in Real Life Goes Viral

Published 12/25/2022, 8:30 AM EST

Wrestling promotions have continuously warned fans to not try the moves shown on the show in real life. However, ignoring the crucial reason attached to it, people tend to joke around using the famous WWE moves. It is no secret that a wrestler’s body is trained to take such ruthless wrestling maneuvers and they execute them on safe platforms. 

But the same does not go along with a common person’s body. And if one ignores these guidelines, it can be life-threatening as well. An example of this is visible in the viral video of a man performing the WWE move on concrete

The video attracted various comments, and some made fun of them, while others were concerned about the man who received the famous, “White Noise” finisher movie of Sheamus. 


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Unfortunately, this is not the first time that we witness a wrestling fan using these dangerous moves. However, it’s a reminder for all of us to not apply any of it in real life. 

A man tried the WWE superstar’s wrestling maneuver 

After watching the viral street fight video, no one could control themselves from expressing their concern. In between those messages, some people started joking about the one who received the ‘White Noise.’ 

Here are some who came with their quirky and funny comments on the incident.

The video didn’t just only attract common people’s eye, but it got to the original creator of the wrestling move because it is known to all.


WATCH: Man Pulls Off WWE Superstar Sheamus’ Move in Street Fight

over 1 year ago

Soon after that, Sheamus took to the internet to warn people about using his move.

The advice from the wrestler should be taken seriously by everyone. Otherwise, it can have terrifying repercussions. 

Using wrestling moves in real life can be life-threatening


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The viral visual is one example that came into the eyes of people. However, there have been plenty of such cases that get overlooked. After this, many WWE superstars warned their fans to not replicate their moves. 

In some instances, the deadly wrestling move even took the life of the person. One case of a five-year-old girl dying because of the style move used by his teenage brother. All this happened because of his negligence and the show’s influence on him. 


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Apart from these, several tragic death cases or injuries have been reported for a long time now. It is high time that we, as wrestling fans, understand the consequences of using WWE-style moves as a joke. It may lead to results that we never thought of. Therefore, consume entertaining content but do not try it in real life.

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