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Dakota Kai, Paige and Other WWE Superstars Voice Frustration Over Vince McMahon’s Controversial Decision

Dakota Kai, Paige and Other WWE Superstars Voice Frustration Over Vince McMahon’s Controversial Decision

There is no doubt that WWE has been producing interesting storylines along with innovative ideas. Unfortunately, every pro has its con. Therefore, while Vince McMahon is investing in creating a better experience for the audience, he might be attacking the Superstars in an unexpected way.

In a recent email blast, McMahon made the Superstars aware of another policy change. This change states that the company will be taking control of the Twitch accounts owned by the Superstars. A certain percentage of the revenues will be given to them. However, this percentage will count against their downside guarantees.

Nobody was happy with this announcement. The point to note here is that the Superstars have spent months curating their Twitch accounts. They have contributed their time, built their skills, and developed a relationship with their fans and followers. As a result, critics are calling this an unjust decision.

Some Superstars have reacted with both emotional and hard-hitting facts following the announcement.

Vince McMahon initiated the controversy months before

The controversy surrounding third party contracts started a few weeks ago. Vince McMahon announced that Superstars cannot have any third-party contracts.

Upon receiving heat from the fans and pro-wrestlers, the company issued a second statement. This one claimed that the Superstars can only have the third party contracts if they use their real names. The in-ring names are owned by the company itself. As a result, it might be detrimental to the company if the Superstars use it on other platforms.

While everyone was under the impression that this was the end of it, the new statement says otherwise. The Superstars had until 2nd October to relinquish their rights. This means that by now, the company has initiated the process of taking over the accounts.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZW1zCzcXZM]

As of now, there is no clarity on whether the Superstars can stream on the platform in the future. In all essence, the company may have taken a step that will force the pro-wrestlers to rethink their WWE future.

Superstars who transitioned from WWE to other companies have often cited WWE’s micromanagement as the reason behind their decision.

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