“Dana Was A Little Pi**ed”- The Undertaker Recalls Apologizing to UFC President Dana White

November 19, 2020 5:59 pm

The Undertaker’s interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani produced a lot of good stories from the Deadman’s career. One such story that many people did not know about was how Undertaker owed an apology to UFC founder Dana White.

Undertaker had a confrontation with Brock Lesnar at UFC 121

Undertaker has been a long time fan of mixed martial arts. He has been heavily influenced by MMA, especially in terms of the gloves he wears during his matches, and, of course, the modified gogoplata called the Hell’s Gate.

Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship became the penultimate destination for mixed martial arts, and a number of WWE stars initially began their careers in the UFC.

One such Superstar is Brock Lesnar. The Beast made a transition to MMA after a very successful WWE career.

He won the UFC Heavyweight Championship and is credited with putting the UFC on the map. In 2010, Brock faced Cain Velasquez in a losing effort at UFC 121. The Undertaker was in the audience for the match and had a post-fight confrontation with Lesnar.

The confrontation made Dana White unhappy

Ariel Helwani asked Taker about the confrontation. He wanted to know if it was orchestrated by WWE and UFC together, or one party had no knowledge of the confrontation.

Taker said, “It was actually between Brock and I.” Taker revealed that neither Vince McMahon nor Dana White knew of the matter.

Undertaker and Brock put a lot of thought into the confrontation in order to make it look realistic and not like a WWE segment. Taker was being interviewed by Ariel himself at UFC 121 when Brock walked past him. Taker looked at Brock and asked him, “Seeing Stars huh?”, which enraged the Beast Incarnate, and also Dana White.

“Dana was a little pi***d. I remember having to call Dana, I mean I didn’t have to, I did on my own. I said ‘look, you’ve always been really cool with me and I thought you were in the loop about this deal, I apologize. That’s not the way I do business, and that’s not the way Vince does business.”

The confrontation was meant to lead to an Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar rivalry

This was meant to serve as the starting point to the feud between Lesnar and Undertaker. Brock was looking to make the transition to WWE after losing to Velazquez, but had to undergo surgery for diverticulitis.

Lesnar returned in 2012, but his feud with the Undertaker picked up in 2014. The Beast went on to make history by being the first man to pin the Undertaker at WrestleMania. The pair would have two more incredible matches at SummerSlam and Hell in a Cell.

However, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar’s rivalry did not begin in 2014 but all the way back in 2003. Lesnar had beaten The Rock for the WWE Championship, and his first challenger was none other than the ‘Deadman.’ The two fought in one of the bloodiest Hell in a Cell matches at No Mercy 2002.

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