Before becoming a force to be reckoned with in WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin honed his skills in rival promotions. He first tasted success in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and later joined Extreme Championship Wrestling, before eventually finding employment in Vince McMahon’s promotion. Rising through the ranks, Austin became one of the poster boys of the Attitude Era, pulling crowds with his charisma and in-ring action. Recognizing his contribution to the business, WWE inducted the 58-year-old into its prestigious Hall of Fame, stamping him as a bona fide legend.

Despite his massive achievements, a fellow Hall of Famer thinks The Texas Rattlesnake missed out on a major milestone in pro wrestling. He stated things could have been different for Austin.

Jim Ross believes The Hollywood Blondes could have been one of the greatest tag teams of all time


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Before he was stomping mudholes and raising hell and winning titles Stone Cold Steve Austin was part of a popular tag team in WCW. In the early 90s, Austin and Brian Pillman, a deceased WWE superstar, formed a team, The Hollywood Blondes.

It sadly ended after just nine months, by which the team had managed to win the tag team titles. One of the men credited with the formation of the team is WWE legend, Jim Ross. The renowned commentator spoke about Austin and Pillman on the recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast.

“I thought, boy, those guys were magic,” Ross said. He said he exited WCW in early 1993 to be a part of WWE and work as a commentator at WrestleMania 9. “I love that little tag team where Austin and Pillman, they just were exciting, they’re creative, they didn’t do a lot of replicated moves, they just were it,” he added.

The 71-year-old said then rued the missed chance as he added, “There’s just no telling that had things worked out differently how far they’ve gone as a tag team. I think they revolutionized the tag team scene and would become one of the greatest tag teams of all times.”

Stone Cold later met Pillman in WWE but as a foe. Years after his former tag team partner’s death, he revealed his feelings toward the deceased superstar.

Steve Austin wasn’t thrilled about working with Brian Pillman

Most fans would remember The Texas Rattlesnake as a formidable singles wrestler. And they won’t be guilty of overlooking his tag team achievements either, as he has the titles to justify that claim. Interestingly, the 58-year-old also thought of himself as a singles wrestler and wasn’t too pleased when Pillman informed him about their in-ring partnership.

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Speaking to Vice’s ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ documentary, Austin said he was preparing for a singles championship when his eventual partner broke the news. He said he wasn’t thrilled at all. Meanwhile, Pillman’s death in 1997 left Austin in a state of daze.

The documentary captured Austin stating that the news of his former partner’s death didn’t register with him in the beginning. He said he never believed that Pillman would stop ever.


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