Love often brings out the best in us and Roman Reigns is a good example of the same. Years before he became The Tribal Chief, Reigns showed his vulnerable side to a woman named Galina Becker and married her in 2014. Two years later, he appeared on a talk show and conversed about a number of things, one of which was ‘love’.

The Samoan wrestler spoke to the show host about his views on love. However, while talking, he gave a useful tip to those viewers who are trying to figure out the ‘secret’ of a happy romance.

Roman Reigns’ philosophy about a happy relationship


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The Tribal Chief met his wife back in 2007 when the two were studying at Georgia Institute of Technology. The two became friends and then eventually got into a relationship sometime along the way. The couple officially got married in 2014, seven years after their first encounter. So Reigns had plenty of time to philosophize about ‘love’. He ultimately narrated his thoughts about the same during an official interview with the WWE Network in 2016.

When he was asked for his take on the secret to a happy romance, Reigns replied, “Yeah, there’s no secret. It’s hard work. You have to know how to give and take and that’s the toughest part that I deal with now. It’s just being there.” He further added, “When we [him and Galina] first met, we were just having fun. We were kinda glued to each other, you know what I mean? Like, just not have a care in the world and worry about anybody but us.

According to the wrestler, giving and taking, and being ‘present’ at the moment with your partner, is the most important thing. Although it could prove challenging, Reigns and his 36-year-old queen have so far overcome the hurdles and are still going strong, probably because of his philosophy of ‘love’.

While this was before he took on his mantle of ‘The Tribal Chief’, even after it, Reigns has never backed down from presenting his true self in front of people off-stage. His humanly caring side even made people swoon over him online.

WWE fans adore Roman Reigns for his off-stage personality

The undisputed Universal Champion of WWE once posted a mini vlog on his TikTok which went viral all over the internet. In the video, we can see Reigns carrying on his backstage routine before dominating the arena with his presence. As he familiarized his fans with what he does before getting in the ring each time, fans couldn’t stop admiring the positivity he spread around him.


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The head of the Anoa’i table even complimented a popular referee’s incredible hair and joked about hitting him inside the ring due to his kayfabe requirements.

Fans loved seeing his routine as they watched him interact with people passing by with a smile on his face. The same fans would also love to revisit Reigns’ philosophy of love.


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What do you think about Reigns’ off-screen personality?

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