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Despite Ronda Rousey’s Recent Indie Endeavor, WWE Legend Feels Former World Champion Isn’t “Serious About the Industry”

Published 11/20/2023, 5:06 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

WCW owner and former WWE General Manager, Eric Bischoff was invited to the 83 Weeks Podcast. In the video uploaded on 20th November, Bischoff talked about his peak days with WCW in 1998, Goldberg, and DDP. He also talked about the recent happenings in the wrestling industry from the context of Will Ospreay and Ronda Rousey.

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While talking about the baddest woman on the planet, Bischoff revealed how he thinks Rousey has failed in the pro wrestling business. Bischoff’s remarks come as a surprise while ignoring her achievements in WWE and her recent endeavor in ROH.

Eric Bischoff believes Ronda Rousey was overrated in WWE


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While speaking about Ronda Rousey, Bischoff revealed his honest opinions on the retired UFC Champion and former WWE Champion. Bischoff said, “I don’t want to say [she’s] overrated, but I think in terms of the professional wrestling industry, she’s overrated. Obviously very accomplished mixed martial artists, very accomplished in judo. Phenomenal athlete, but she never clicked for me in WWE despite a push from the gods.

Bischoff believed that Ronda Rousey was an accomplished performer in the combat sports industry but she was an over-rated superstar in WWE. Rousey went on to become a three-time WWE Champion (2-times SmackDown and 1-time RAW Champion). She has also won a Royal Rumble in 2022, main evented WrestleMania 2019, and won the tag team championship.


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via Imago

That’s a lot to achieve considering that Rousey joined WWE after her UFC retirement in 2018 and she mostly worked as a part-timer. WWE has also positioned the baddest woman on the planet as a top-tier superstar, a status on par with Brock Lesnar. But, Bischoff feels that despite her achievements, Rousey has never clicked in WWE.

Bischoff further explained the reasons behind his statement. He said, “She got an amazing push, but there was something lacking with her, and she never clicked with me. I don’t think she really clicked with the audience.” He further said, “I never got the feeling that she was really serious about the industry.

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But is there any authenticity to Bischoff’s statements considering Rousey’s background?


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Ronda Rousey is elated at her ROH debut

Bischoff’s statement might be true as Rousey experienced a mediocre run at WWE and would often deliver poor promos. The live crowd would often boo her, which prompted WWE Creative to change her character to that of a heel. She decided to take a break from pro wrestling shortly after her contract expired but found herself back wrestling on the indie scene not long after with long-time friend and AEW star Marina Shafir.

However, the authenticity of Bischoff’s statements can be validated once Rousey’s run at Indie has become full-fledged. She arrived at ROH for November 17th tapings, an experience she described as ‘Helluva Night’ on X on November 18th.


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What do you think about Ronda Rousey’s run in WWE?

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