Did The Undertaker Ever Get Injured in His Illustrious 30-Year WWE Career?

Published 10/09/2021, 11:05 AM EDT
ATLANTA, GA – APRIL 03: Triple H and The Undertaker Randy Orton and Triple H battle during their WWE match at ‘WrestleMania 27’ at the Georgia World Congress Center on April 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

Pro wrestlers are the ones who are most prone to injuries. Injuries, in fact, play a vital part in the career of a pro wrestler. A very severe injured can even end a wrestler’s career when he is at the top of his game. The Undertaker is no exception in this case and has suffered some injuries throughout his career.


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The Undertaker bid his last goodbye to his fan back at Survivor Series 2020. It was not only marked his 30th anniversary in WWE but also his last appearance in WWE.

For over 25 years, The Undertaker has amazed the audience by producing some extraordinary matches, but during his successful career in WWE, he even suffered some injuries.


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But as we know, The Undertaker is not someone who gives up easily. Therefore, The Phenom continued to fight even after suffering from a lot of injuries.

Here is a list of the seven injuries that the Undertaker suffered in his massively successful career in WWE.

Back Injury

Back Injuries are always a challenge for the wrestlers as the back plays a vital part when they lift their opponents. The Undertaker had previously worked even after suffering some injuries. But the back injury which he suffered back in 1994 made him miss WrestleMania.

The Undertaker is surely not a guy who backs out. But you can imagine the impact of the back injury as The Undertaker had to miss WrestleMania because of his injury.

Ear Injury

Unknown to many people, the Undertaker even had an ear injury. Luckily, he did not lose his ear, but it was sliced open with blood.

It so happened that during one of his matches with Steve Austin, when he was in a 619 position on the ropes, Steve Austin leaped onto his back and then accidentally ripped his ear. As a result, it was sliced open with blood pouring out.

Facial Injury

Facial injuries are always devastating for any wrestler. Even The Undertaker had suffered from facial injuries during his long career.
The Undertaker was seen wearing a mask back in 1995.

The reason behind that is the facial injury that he suffered at the hands of Mabel. It so happened that Mabel botched a clothesline which not only crushed Undertaker’s cheekbone but also damaged his eye socket.

The Undertaker also suffered a broken orbital bone around his eye when he botched a dive during a match with Rey Mysterio.

Hip Injury

The Undertaker had a serious problem with his hip, especially during the later stages of his career. The bumps which he took at the later stages of his career caused him a lot of pain. The Undertaker even had hip surgery after his WrestleMania 25 match with Shawn Michaels.

However, we know how tough ‘The Phenom‘ is. He even continued with that pain and gave us some exciting matches to watch, even at the later stages of his career. That is amazing.

Shoulder Injury

There was a rumor of The Undertaker retiring back in 2010. It was because of his severe shoulder injuries. The Undertaker suffered a chronic injury during that time. He was told that even if he does the surgery, it will be of no use.

Many fans believed it was the end for ‘The Deadman‘. But he came back after healing the injury to a certain point, but it always remained a concern for him since then.


The Undertaker’s in-ring entrance is considered being legendary. But the gigantic balls of fire that we see during the entrance proved too dangerous for The Undertaker during the 2010 Elimination Chamber.

When The Undertaker stood at the top of the entrance ramp, a ball of flames shot up and clung to his legs. The Undertaker immediately jumped forward. Even his coat caught fire. However, it did not cause him much trouble as he poured water over himself and got on with the match.


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Brock Lesnar broke The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania 30. But that was not the only unfortunate thing that happened that night. The Undertaker suffered a concussion during the match. It is believed the concussion played a big part in his loss to Brock.

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 23: Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker battle it out at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

The concussion was so severe that there were reports of him collapsing backstage after the match. But he was always a performer and gave us a match to remember, even on that night.


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