The Night Two main event of the grandest WrestleMania in history was a show of fireworks from all directions. Cody Rhodes finally won the WWE Championship and conquered his biggest nemesis, Roman Reigns, and his heel faction, The Bloodline. The ending of the match especially received massive cheers from the majority of the WWE Universe.

Hip-hop legend Ice Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr, also expressed his love for the Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns match. Jackson Jr, who is a forever Bloodline and Tribal Chief fan, noted that the storyline and the pop received from the audience for the match was well-deserved. However, he noted that the ending seemed poorly scripted to him, especially because of the return of John Cena and The Undertaker.

When Ice Cube’s son liked everything but the interference by The Undertaker during the main event match involving Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes


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The final moments saw the Bloodline Rules match set up by Dwayne Johnson spiral into one hell of a roller coaster. The fight refused to be confined to Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns, as everyone involved in this feud started making their way to the ring. John Cena’s entry coupled that with that of The Undertaker emerged as the most surprising appearances of the night. Speaking about it on X, Ice Cube’s son wrote, “Man. It has been an awesome 4 f****n years of talkin sh** and havin fun on Twitter with the bloodline. But all great things come to an end. I don’t know what Ima do with my Twitter heel persona now lmao. Although I wish it was a little longer.”

 While this conveys his love for Roman Reigns, he also praised Cody Rhodes. Jackson Jr. noted, “They couldn’t have picked a better champion than Cody F****n Rhodes. So f****n professional. A hard worker and everything a company should want to lead them. The ending was chaotic. Aaaaand didn’t quite make sense but f***ck it was awesome to be there and watch. Holy shit.” While Ice Cube’s son was happy with the Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns showdown, he didn’t understand The Undertaker’s place in it.


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However, pro wrestling makes sense more often when the fans receive something they love instead of something that is always logical.

This is exactly why Jackson Jr loved the Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns match for the WWE Championship. Moreover, the very spice and essence of the greatness of the match were established because of a surprise entrance back in late January.


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When The Rock completely changed the landscape of WrestleMania XL

The WWE Universe was debating if Cody Rhodes should have won the Royal Rumble when CM Punk returned after almost a decade. However, this discourse crumbled when Dwayne Johnson arrived. He sidelined Rhodes and demanded to face Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship.


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This later escalated into an all-out war that saw the entry of Seth Rollins into the mix. Dwayne Johnson continued to outdo himself and shocked everyone with his backstage beatdown of Cody Rhodes as The Final Boss. This wasn’t how the Reigns versus Rhodes rivalry would have unfolded if they had followed their initial plans. However, the addition of an unrelated but powerful element raised the stakes of everything. The same can be said about the eruption of cheers from the crowd when The Undertaker stood behind The Rock and chokeslammed him. What are your thoughts on this? Let them flow in the comments.

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