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‘Die With Embarrassment’: John Cena’s ‘Incredible Hulk’ Hospital Act Made Nikki Bella “Uncomfortable”, “Undeserving” and “Unworthy”

Published 11/26/2022, 1:45 PM EST

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One of the biggest sports entertainers of all time, John Cena, has now been at the top of the mountain for a very long time. He made his WWE debut back in 2002, however; it was soon after that he was pushed to the top.

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Apart from being one of the biggest WWE Superstars, Cena is also a big name in Hollywood currently. With several successful movies to his name, Cena is on his way to releasing quite a few more. His time in WWE, saw him getting close to several women. However, none shared the chemistry he and Nikki Bella did.


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John Cena and Nikki Bella came together in 2013, and stayed that way till 2018, until their breakup. The 45-year-old had even proposed to Nikki at WrestleMania 33, and got engaged. However, a few months before their wedding, the couple decided on parting ways.

In her book ‘Incomparable’, Nikki Bella revealed why the couple separated, and also shared a very intimate incident that showed how much Nikki Bella meant for John Cena.  In her book, she also detailed how, during her neck surgery, Cena stood by her the whole time.

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Bella stated during her neck surgery, Cena would sleep on the hospital couch, and would not even go home. She wrote, “He looked like the Incredible Hulk, curled up into the fetal position.” The 39-year-old would further state that there were a few moments when she wanted to die of embarrassment, because of something.

She stated, “He helped me go to the bathroom, even though it made me want to die with embarrassment. I couldn’t stand to feel so needy, even though it seemed to make him so happy to take care of me.”

 The 39-year-old would further state, “I wish I had seen that experience for what it was: an opportunity for me to identify, and then talk about, how undeserving and unworthy I felt, how terrified it made me feel to be dependent. How uncomfortable it makes me feel when I’m not working for affection but instead just basking in love.”

The WWE Hall of Famer would further state that she felt terrified of being dependent, and did not want that.

Why did John Cena and Nikki Bella break up?


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In her same book, she would also go over on why they broke up. Nikki Bella wrote that the couple struggled to find a common ground on what they wanted. Bella wrote that she wanted kids and a marriage, whereas Cena was clearly against that.

The former WWE Divas Champion wrote, “I was terrified of losing my love, I stuffed my desire for marriage and kids as deep as I could. He had made it clear that they weren’t on the menu for him.” However, the couple broke up before their marriage.


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Now Nikki Bella is married to Artem Chigvintsev, and has a child, while Cena is married to Shay Shariatzadeh.

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