Dominik Mysterio Wickedly Showcases Disdain Towards Father Rey Mysterio Minutes After WWE Hall of Fame Announcement

Published 03/11/2023, 6:00 AM EST

In the last Friday Night SmackDown, WWE made an announcement that surprised almost every wrestling fan. They revealed the name of the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. And the name that took everyone aback was none other than the popular masked legend, Rey Mysterio

On this felicitous day, when everyone from the wrestler’s family should be delighted and emotional after receiving this news, a contrasting scene loomed over the blissful moment. The legend’s own son, Dominik Mysterio displayed an awful reaction to his father HOF’s announcement. This made fans react to the disgraceful action of the younger Mysterio. 

Fans react to the malicious actions of Dominik Mysterio at the HOF announcement for his father


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As soon as WWE announced his father as the deserving inductee of the 2023 HOF, Dominik Mysterio responded to the segment with a thumbs-down backstage. Fans bombarded the comments section.

Most of the WWE supporters were in agreement that the storyline is between the father-son duo is dragging on without an endgame in sight. The stretched-out drama between them has bored the audience to the extent that now they demand it to get over as soon as possible. Some of those reactions have caught our eye and would surely interest you. 

Dominik has to retire Rey, it would end their storyline greatly

This is pissing me off like can triple h hurry up and have Rey mysterio hit dominik back. Sheesh


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Nevertheless, the reactions of fans were in favor of the 48-year-old, but they also demanded a match between the two at WrestleMania. For fans, this seems to be the perfect ending. A fan even termed it a “Dream for Rey” 

Rey needs to beat dominik at Wrestlemania that will make him humble

100% this should be Rey’s retirement match at mania

Let’s be honest IRL Wrestlemania week is going to be a dream for Rey. He’s going into the hall of fame and he’s probably going to be wrestling his son.


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over 1 year ago

Another fan straight away labeled The Judgement Day member as “Jealous

Dominiko is jealous because he well never be induced in too the hall of fame

Whatever the case, no one can deny that the former WWE champion is one well-deserving inductee for HOF. 

The well-deserved WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Rey Mysterio


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In his career as a wrestler, Mysterio has successfully established several ‘hard to beat’ records, like the Royal Rumble one. Apart from that, he has popularized the traditional Lucha Libre wrestling style of wrestling as well as the incorporation of a cruiserweight division. Nevertheless, the Ultimate Underdog not only won people’s hearts but has successfully enticed people to see the real face behind the mask. 

Thus, the great news of his HOF induction also comes with the sad news of his son’s treatment towards the legend.


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So, what do you make of this? How should this father-son storyline end?



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